Day Trip to York

November 11, 2016

Last day in England..  Today we took a day trip to York.. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve seen in England this far. It felt like the set of a medieval times movie. We stood in some buildings dated back to the 11th Century and drank a pint in England’s “most haunted pub”. The entire city is surrounded around an ancient wall and you can only enter through particular entrances. It’s built like a fortress with cobble stone pathways throughout. Some of the buildings are so ancient that the windows and walls sag and are uneven. One pub had stairs and entire rooms with a slight slant. The churches were beautiful and the all around vibe of the place is really unique. There is so much history in one place.. I have never experienced such history until I came to England. It is really, really cool. I also got to catch up with this punk George, an old #mate from my first season at a Coronet Peak in Queenstown. All in all York was quite a sight and great way to end my time here in Yorkshire and the north of England. These past few days visiting Andy’s family and Friends in Beverley has been a real treat.  Anyways, it’s bedtime here and in the morning we all are heading up to Scotland!


BOO Trump

November 10, 2016

Ashamed. Embarrassed. Angry.. and now terrified at the fact that a man with no political experience and the temperament of a child has at his fingertips the code to nuclear weapons.. as a kid I always thought we would all die together due to a huge ass bomb and today that nightmare is even more so a probability. Don’t think I am moving home anytime soon.. today I am embarrassed to call myself American.