Day Trip to York

November 11, 2016

Last day in England.. ¬†Today we took a day trip to York.. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve seen in England this far. It felt like the set of a medieval times movie. We stood in some buildings dated back to the 11th Century and drank a pint in England’s “most haunted pub”. The entire city is surrounded around an ancient wall and you can only enter through particular entrances. It’s built like a fortress with cobble stone pathways throughout. Some of the buildings are so ancient that the windows and walls sag and are uneven. One pub had stairs and entire rooms with a slight slant. The churches were beautiful and the all around vibe of the place is really unique. There is so much history in one place.. I have never experienced such history until I came to England. It is really, really cool. I also got to catch up with this punk George, an old #mate from my first season at a Coronet Peak in Queenstown. All in all York was quite a sight and great way to end my time here in Yorkshire and the north of England. These past few days visiting Andy’s family and Friends in Beverley has been a real treat. ¬†Anyways, it’s bedtime here and in the morning we all are heading up to Scotland!