The Kimberly

September 10, 2014

Were sunburnt, tired and dirty but we have all made it through the Gibb River Road. Four National Parks later we have arrived to the first sealed road in days. We only popped one tire and while I drove I hit two snakes, one bird, and nearly one kangaroo. The hikes were great. The heat was at times unbearable, but in the end we’re here! These are my four new mates (when in Rome..) and we’re heading strong towards Darwin.. only 877km to go. Slight bump in the road is our driver, this Irish guy not in the photo decided to tell us last night he will not be taking us all the way to Darwin and instead casually drop us off in Katherine, about 300km south. So.. Yea.. He’s an asshole but it isn’t stopping us four from enjoying the trip. The show must go on!


Joffree Falls

August 26, 2014

Lesson Learned.. Sometimes it’s *good* to have random people in your photos. I gave so much attention to waiting for people to get out of my shots that now looking back it’s hard to tell just how massive the cliffs really are. Here is one of the few photos taken where the people give a good indication of how tall the the canyons are in Karijini National Park.. From the top you scale down them like a mountain goat. This one was quite easy in comparison to the rest. // Photo of Joffree Falls, Karijini National Park, Western Australia.10398667_10102529170119703_1198937990293920026_n

Hancock Gorge

August 24, 2014

Karijini National Park with a little long exposure. This was our path through Hancock Gorge. You have to climb along the ledge or Spider Walk through the gorge which leads to a beautiful (freezing) pool at the end. Then it’s all backtracking to lead back out to the mainland. At one point I didn’t know where to put my foot next and considered backing out but continued onward.. Then when I made it to the end and met a woman who made it at the age 52.. Glad I didn’t end up backing out.10563016_10102528927984943_2511985357261356745_n

Karijini National Park

August 23, 2014

Introducing you to Karijini National Park! I have tons of landscape photos I can’t wait to share but here’s a one of yours truly taken today after a long hike down Hancock Gorge. Basically, I’m not sure how these hikes are legal bc I know in the States they would be what we (unfortunately) call “lawsuits waiting to happen.” The hikes take you down different gorges which at many times you are scaling the walls like Spider-man with a rocky fall beneath. To get to this particular spot you hike through this gorge and at a point you do a “Spiker Walk” where the walls of the cave are 3-4 feet wide and you stick both legs and arms out and wedge yourself along with a rocky rushing river beneath. We’ve spent three nights and four days here, each day filled with hiking. I think well spend a day or so more here before heading North to Port Hedland and then onwards to Broome where I’ll need to find another ride through The Kimberly region.. But more on that later. Wish everyone well!


Goodbye Exmouth

August 19, 2014

Well, fifteen days later I am finally leaving Exmouth. It’s been a hell of an ride. Made tons of new friends, shared heaps of laughs, had great cook outs, drank tons of beer, soaked up the sun, saw amazing marine life and the list goes on. Exmouth has been my favorite place to date in Australia. The reef is unlike any reef in the world. I have been told its the only reef off the West coast of a continent out there. The marine life is so expansive that it knocks out of the park anything I have encountered to date. Renting the motorbikes (OK, scooters) or the week was the best decision I made here. It gave me the flexibility to go wherever I wanted and to explore all over. Now, PaulĀ and I will be driving in his camper van (Felix) to Karijini National Park. This place is a photographers paradise. Can. Not. Wait. Thanks to everyone whose made Exmouth my favorite spot in Australia this far!