Queenstown Bound!

March 1, 2016

Queenstown.. I’m coming for you real soon! 🎉🍻

I will miss the North Island.. It’s slowly becoming my favorite. :popcorn: Jokes, “I like them the same.” 🍿

Here is one from a while back with Emma & Brittany up in Coromandel. It was a fun road to drive. We didn’t get very lucky with the weather, but one day the clouds parted giving us this.. I’ll take it. 😎


Spa Termal Park

February 29, 2016

Today the Napier crew and I visited the Spa Thermal Park here in Taupo. It has hot springs merging with the cool river where you can move around until you find the perfect temperature!


Napier Goes to Taupo

February 28, 2016

Back in Taupo for a couple nights and had a reunion with my Napier crew! We all lived in Kiwi Keith Backpackers and worked around Napier! They were there both times I went to Napier and we spend NYE with most of them as well at Rhythm and Vines Festival! It was so nice to see they finally saved up enough money to head out of Napier and start a road trip of their own! We are all headed South so I am sure I will run into them again!

From left to right: Michelle, Ben, George “Pike”, Robyn, Nalin, Jordan, Simon, Arron, Bianca and myself