Goodbye Sydney, Hello America!

March 22, 2017

Well the time has come.. I’m sitting here drinking one last 150 Lashes awaiting to board my flight to Dallas. Im so thankful I chose to come back to Australia on my way home because it just reaffirmed it’s my favorite place in the world. I would love the opportunity to raise a family here one day.  It’s quite mind boggling thinking I am leaving this part of the world after three years. It’s such an incredible and special place. Thanks to each and every one I met down here who made this part of my life so unique. I will never be able to explain in words how epic it’s been. Anyways, onwards to my next favorite place.. I’m so excited to spend time w my friends and family. It’s been too long. My travelling soul is exhausted and feel like I could sleep for a month.. However, I feel things are about to get loose the moment I step foot back on American soil.  Bring on the madness! See ya soon Texas and see you on a couple months Colorado! HERE WE GO! 


One Last Reunion in Sydney

March 22, 2017

One final reunion here in Sydney. I met Dan about two and a half years ago in Exmouth, Western Australia. We then met up again in Broome, the Kimberly, Darwin and Sydney. He always makes me beyond happy and channels my inner child as he’s quite the goof. Anyways, he’s taking a break from FB at the moment but still wanted to share. Love this one to death.  Now bedtime because in twelve hours my flight takes off to the States. It’s all happening. 


Manly Ferry!

March 19, 2017

On the ferry to Manly! I love this city. I love the harbour. I love the Opera House. I love the beaches. I love Oxford Street. I love the people. I love the accents. I love hanging with Michael. I love this country. Someone get me a visa. Stat. 


Hello, Sydney! Hello, Michael!

March 17, 2017

Hellloooo Sydney!! Back in the country that has always stayed with me in a city unlike no other.. I get to spend the next 5 nights making the most before I head back home with my adopted little brother. A decade younger (yet debatably wiser) I’m so glad to see him before I leave the Southern Hemisphere. Now sippin ciders in front of the Sydney Opera House.. It may be rainy but no rain can damper our spirits.  Watch out Oxford St were coming for ya.