Goodbye, Scotland

November 15, 2016

Bye Bye Scotland! The past four days were spent exploring around Edinburgh with Andy’s parents and sister. We all drove up from Beverley and arrived at night to a rainy Edinburgh. The weather was fitting as we had a ghost walk tour that evening in the old city. We topped the day off at an Italian restaurant with pints of beer and glasses of wine. The next day we had sunshine (a rarity) in the morning. We had breakfast at Wetherspoons in an old and grand building which used to be a bank back in the day. Afterwards we visited the big castle in town. I again felt like I was in the set of a film. It was the weekend and a rugby game was in town as well so the city was quite alive. Men were dressed in kilts to show support to Scotland on game day. Bagpipes were blasting throughout the city. The first one I heard and saw was one of the highlights on my trip. Bagpipes go right through me and give me goosebumps so to witness them in their natural environment meant a lot to me. Soon after there was a little parade going along the main road with multiple groups of bagpipes. It was amazing. That evening we popped in and out of multiple pubs. The pubs and buildings are so GRAND. Many are converted old buildings which now are restaurants and pubs. Christmas is approaching so some places had their Christmas lights and decorations up. That night we met up with Andy’s aunt and cousins who live near Edinburgh. They were hilarious and we enjoyed tipping back a few with them. The third day it was raining buckets so we slept in and then drove out to Andy’s father’s hometown of Bathgate. We toured around the area a bit before meeting back up with his family for dinner and drinks. It was a nice time and I really enjoyed this part of our trip. A couple hours ago we had to say goodbye to his family, it was such a nice time with them. Now we’re back on the road and headed to Manchester for the night.. this will be our last night in the UK  The following day.. Aka tomorrow.. we are headed to the States!

Edit: The Scottish accent is one of my favorites.. and they are the friendliest group of people I’ve met yet in Europe