Road Trip! (The Beginning)

Milford Sound! Ain’t she a beaut? The last few days have been the ‪#‎launch‬ of our South Island Road trip! My sidekick, Brittany and I covered quite a lot of ground these past few days. After failing to leave on Saturday due to hangover paralysis, we kicked off on Sunday on to Dunedin via the “scenic” Northern route. Right when we landed we met up with four ‪#‎mates‬ from Queenstown and then kicked off 45 minutes North. Before we left Dunedin, we did walk up the worlds steepest street! Without fail, we all rolled Jaffa candies down the hill as some sort of tradition/game which I hadn’t heard of until now. The following morning went to this spot where these near perfect circular boulder rocks lined up the beach. They were massive. After we left our #mates and headed South back into Dunedin where we found the highlight of what the city has to offer.. Wendy’s! I hadn’t seen one yet in NZ we helped ourselves to a burger and fries and frosty.. and nuggets. Don’t judge me. We zipped down to the Catlins National Park and did a couple walks about. The first was a lighthouse with fjords going right into the ocean. A fjord is basically a similar formation that you see in the photo below.. Huge mountains with steep faces going right into the water. Afterwards, we saw some waterfalls and drove to the most southern point of New Zealand’s South Island. That night I am not sure how our tent didn’t blow away because the wind was terrible. The morning was still windy and cloudy and taking the tent down was a mission. We fast tracked it to Te Anau a few hours away and met Andy who had taken a morning bus to meet us on our way to the Milford Sound! I’m so happy he’s here. We’ve been trying to come here for weeks now but each time it’s been raining. On a side note, the Milford Sound has 200 days of rain a year and a total of 8 meters of rain a year.. It’s wet, but that’s how it gets so green. We got lucky this time as the weathers been perfect. We hiked some trails to waterfalls, lakes and overlooks and camped along the river. This morning we went out on a boat along the Milford Sound which is shown below. It’s incredible. We saw the worlds second rarest penguin, fur seals and kea birds. The captain was a nice old man who I was joking around with before the boat ride so he kept giving me a hard time over the microphone during the tour.. At the end he invited us three up and I got to drive the boat! It was good fun. Now we’re making a necessary beer run in town before we go back to the campsite for the rest of the day.. Then back to Queenstown for tomorrow night before we continue onwards up the West Coast! Heeeere wegooo!!! 🚙💨

New Zealand

November 20, 2015

Basically, I’ve been slacking. I came to New Zealand at the end of May but haven’t written one post. That’s all about to change. Let’s fast forward past Queenstown to my West Coast road trip of the South Island with Brittany. I’ll get back to Queenstown and working at Coronet Peak soon..

Flight Booked to New Zealand!

May 16, 2015

Flight Booked to New Zealand… and I leave next Thursday! OK – I have a ton of mixed emotions right at the moment. I’m not ready to leave the States.. I really am not. However, I have an interview for THE job I had my eye on and strived for so I have to take this opportunity.. It’s time for me to leave. Since being back, I forgot how much I loved America. These past ~8 weeks around all of my loved ones has made me appreciate the place I call home. This trip home has been full throttle. Two weeks in Dallas, three in Colorado, one in Oregon, one in Austin.. now my final one and a half weeks in Dallas. The excitement and love felt from everyone in each place was such a nice feeling. I really can’t explain it – it was overwhelming to see how many people care about you. It’s a humbling experience. I’m glad you guys missed me as much as I missed you haha =] jokes. But now – it’s time to go ya’ll!! …and I am not going to lie.. I’m really nervous. It’s a good nervous though. I have no idea whats going to happen.. so my plan is to rebuilt a friend base around some positive people and then just sit back and enjoy the ride. Asia and Australia surely didn’t disappoint so I am just going to have to go blindly in good faith and trust that whatever awaits for me in New Zealand will continue to influence and shape the man who I am ultimately to become.

I’m gonna miss you all.


New Zealand Job Interview!!

May 13, 2105

NEW ZEALAND 💥 Today I received an email back from the Coronet Peak saying that I advanced to the final interview stages! This is the exact ski resort and position (Liftie) I originally wanted which means if I get the position I’ll be living in Queenstown in two weeks!

Yes.. The interview is in TWO WEEKS from tomorrow. Which means I have to leave the States in a week and a half max to get there, get settled and get over the jet lag. It’s all moving a little more quickly than I would like but this is my chance.. So I gotta take it!

So yea.. I guess I have about 10 days left in the States before New Zealand.. It’s all coming together.. Time to start packing!!