Te Pake Sand Dunes!

June 26, 2017

A very memorable day back on Feb ’16.  At this point I had a week to myself which was a first. I was with Brit and Emma most of the trip but this time I was by myself waiting for Andy to come visit for my birthday the following week. I was having a fun day but missed having company so when I stumbled upon my friend Jazzy running around too by herself we teamed up and had a great time at the sand dunes. She is a wedding photographer so had me running around the dunes as she snapped away. It was a really, really fun day! We still keep in contact even though we only spent an afternoon together. I think one day I’ll see her again.. and until then, there’s always good old Facebook! 


Cape Reinga

February 11, 2016

Cape Reinga! This is the most Northern point of New Zealand. It’s up in the middle of nowhere past a 90 mile uninhabited beach. It felt like a nice accomplishment being all the way up there at the top! Now, it’s time to start heading back South. This weekend, I’ll spend my bday in Taupo and then to Auckland to celebrate Pride. Pride just so happened to fall the weekend I’m there.. Love how the stars aligned with that one!! 🌈 After Pride, I am officially heading back towards Queenstown. I should be there by this time next month at the latest. 😊🍻