Goodbye, London

November 8, 2016

Goodbye London!  So glad I finally got to see this fine city. It was everything I expected and more (ie: we had sunny blue skies for two mornings straight! Haha). It was a quick trip but we saw a lot in the short time we had. There is SO much history in England and its a rush to stand on the grounds I read about in history books as a child. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminister Abbey were remarkable. St. James’s Park and Hyde Park were nice as well; I love inner city parks. Camden was a nice surprise as it was cool to see Amy Winehouse’s old stomping grounds. The Beatles Abbey Road (as touristy as it may be) was so very cool to see too! And yes, maybe I took a video of me walking across the famous crossing.  The RED all throughout the city seen in the buses, phones, etc was aesthetically pleasing.. and of course the iconic red “underground” signs for the “tube”. We rode double decker busses and had the best English Breakfast in a typical dark wooden English pub. We squeezed onto subways, strolled down Oxford Street, took selfies w Bobbies, rode the London Eye, fell asleep exhausted on subways (second city this has happened to me), ate street food in Camden, cursed bathrooms that make you pay before entry, walked the Tower Bridge, drank pints at Weatherspoons, bought tacky souvenirs, said words like “quid” and “pence”, ran into a few extremely rude people (same w Paris, Amsterdam and Hong Kong), ran into even more extremely nice people (same w Paris, Amsterdam and Hong Kong), saw the guards at Buckingham Palace, gave a royal wave at Buckingham Palace, attempted to feed squirrels in St. James’s Park, saw incredible architecture, witnessed massive British flags waving in the wind and of course.. we got caught in the rain. London is a dreamy, strong and bold city. You could feel how back in the day it could rule the world. It’s impressive.. but now, North we go.. dare I say were going to THE BEST part of England.. some may say, it’s “the only part that matters..”  because today we go to God’s Country.. a place where dreams are made.. a little place called YORKSHIRE!!


I voted. Did you?

November 7, 2016

I voted a couple days ago in Amsterdam. I jumped through hoops to do so abroad but I voted. Please make sure you do too! So many countries and millions of people can only dream about such an opportunity. Please don’t take it for granted.