Goodbye, Cairns!

November 25, 2014

Goodbye, Cairns! I think I’ve spent a total of 4 weeks in Cairns and it definitely is my favorite “city” in Australia to date. I haven’t been to Sydney of Melbourne yet and since I am a big city type of guy, I have a feeling I’m gonna get blown away. Cairns has the small town vibe, a wonderful green esplanade park lining the beach, a free pool to escape the heat, great food, buzzing bars and a free outdoor gym.. and not to mention attractive people everywhere! It’s true. Oh yea, the Great Barrier Reef is right off the coast as well. It’s paradise. This second time back in Cairns was rather relaxing. I was staying with Ezzy in the back room of her shop.. I would spend my days laying next to the lagoon, taking AC baths in Cairns Central, watching movies at the cinema, running the esplanade and utilizing the outdoor gym. It wasn’t a bad 13 days! I was able to find two temporary jobs while I was there thanks to Ezzy. The first was helping this loaded guy John move houses. He was super nice when I was with him except the next day he offered me to come back to work for him and no call, no showed. He then told me we would go deep sea fishing on Monday which it was super excited about. Well, he no call, no showed again which really let me down. Not to mention he hasn’t paid me yet. The second job was more of a success, I was hired onto a staffing company and worked two functions. The first was a high school graduation where I carried Jack trays out and helped clear the room after the ceremony. The second day I was a bartender at some birthday party. That was awesome. I loved working behind a bar! It was super fun and time flew past. Thanks again to Ezzy for helping me land the gig. In general, my whole Australia experience wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for her. She has sheltered me, found me jobs, saved me from a weekend of quietness on the farm and helped me plan my Queensland adventure. Thanks Ezzy, I appreciate you so much.. You’re the best Aussie Mom a man could ask for. 🙂 As for the night life, I have laid kind of low in Cairns. I went out two times which isn’t too much for me. Both times were a success and a good time. Last night I met some people from the States who are here only for three weeks. They weren’t on a backpacker budget and kept ordering rounds and rounds of shots. Needless to say, my tolerance has gone down tremendously being on the farm and I had a couple stumbles! This morning wasn’t fun, at all. It was one of those “I’m never drinking again” type of days. Now I am sitting on a bus heading South to Airlie Beach. I’ve been told it’s like a Cancun where it’s party! party! party! So.. I guess I’m gonna have to go out. What a shame. But nah, I “need” this. I haven’t been meeting too many people living on the farm in isolation for so long. First off, tomorrow I will go to the Whitsunday Islands. I think it’s been voted numerous times the best beach in the world? I dunno, it better be for the price 🙂 In all seriousness, I’ve been looking forward to the Whitsunday’s for a while now and it’s finally time. The sand, only found on the Whitsunday’s, has something special in it for your skin and jewelry. I read the sand nutrients are exported in a few high end beauty products. I dunno. Guess I’ll throw some on my face, couldn’t hurt. Haha. I’ll spend two days and one night on the islands and then return to Airlie Beach for the rest of the week. I have made a friend in Cairns with a car whose coming down the coast and will pick me up in Airlie Beach. That way I can travel by car which I prefer than by bus. In a car you can make turn off, detours, etc where a bus you’re really stuck to a point A to B route. After Airlie Beach I will go to a town called “1770” and learn how to surf!! One can’t live in Oz for a year and not learn how to surf. I’m super excited about the surfing lessons. So yea, that’s “what’s up” with me.. I’m starting my tour of Queensland which is gonna be fun. I must get to Byron Bay for Christmas and then bolt down to Sydney for New Years. Post New Years there’s a music festival in Sydney which I’ll go to and then dash down to Melbourne to work for a couple months. Then complete great Ocean Road before bolting back to Sydney for Marti Gras & Pride before coming back to the States! I look forward to a couple months in the a States to see everyone. It’s gonna be epic. As for now, I’ll spend my next 3.5 to 4 months soaking up every moment I have left in Australia. I can’t explain how much I love this country. I honestly wish I could pack up all my friends from home and move them here. It’s just a freakin cool place to live and I would be happy to live here for the rest of my life. But, the visa calls for my exit March 26th so I’ll make the most of every minute here while it lasts. Like my boy Dave said “while you’re still here dancing on the ground, why think of the time when you’re gone!”


Working at a Senior Graduation

Tonight was a great night as I worked a Food & Beverage gig. I catered a graduation ceremony for High School Seniors. It brought me back 10 years when I was sitting in those chairs parading my way w my classmates (drunk 😬) across the stage while your loved ones cheered on. The banquet had a nice montage video and a dance that ensued as well. The kids were all dressed up in their finest clothes happy as. (Yes, I ended the sentence with “as”.. There’s this Aussie slang that goes “Easy as” “Happy as” “Hungry as”.. you get the picture).. Anyways, they had me carrying out the larger trays which were filled with six meals stacked. I nearly dropped a few in the beginning as I hadn’t really done this before. Then a coworker carrying a tray of wine glasses dropped a few, shattering them in the main room in front of everyone. She was really embarrassed so I told her I would take the remaining non broken classes to the kitchen.. Then about ten feet away.. Down came some more! I dropped a few and they shattered immediately.. As I bent down to pick up the ones that hadn’t broke, some more came falling down again..! I thought I would have been embarrassed but for whatever reason I just started laughing. Guess there’s not much to loose when you’re leaving in a couple days. It was a fun experience none the less and just another random job in Australia for the books!


Still Love Cairns

November 18, 2014

CAIRNS! I still love this town more than ever. After leaving the farm with a sour taste in my mouth this was just what I needed to get me back in my rhythm. It’s been a great 5 days back in civilization. My Aussie Mum (Ezzy) is putting me up so the financial burden of an accommodation is at bay and I can sit still for a minute and plan the epic journey ahead down the coast. Cairns has treated me great, not only have I been able to kick it with Ezzy each day, I was sitting in her shop yesterday and a guy came in asking her if she knew anyone looking for work. She pointed him in my direction and today he picked me up and I helped him move from one house to another. Super crazy cool guy, covered in tats and a fun person to spend the day with. He gave me few beers throughout the day (key to my heart) and asked me if I could help out again tomorrow. Boom. Extra cash and fun experiences.. Then.. The best part happened.. He asked me if I wanted to join him and his brother next Monday on their boat to go deep sea fishing on the Great Barrier Reef!!! YES! I’ve never been deep sea fishing and now I have been given my chance! I’m ecstatic. Also, Ezzy is gonna see if she can land me a food/beverage gig on Friday. So I’ll be able to hopefully rack in an extra $500.00 before I leave, fingers crossed. Since the farm gig ended early I need it for all I want to do.. Then next Tuesday, it’s time to leave Cairns. I really don’t want to because I love this place. But.. Time is ticking and I still have the Whitsunday Islands, Frasier Island, Byron Bay, SYDNEY & MELBOURNE to see just to make a handful! Life. Doesn’t. Suck. That’s for sure. Last night I went out with the Grateful Dead playing in my ears and took tons of night shots throughout the city. Before I knew it, 2.5 hours had passed. Here’s one below of the public pool next to the boardwalk which is next to the ocean! The ocean is right off the ledge on the left. Cairns is epic and I’m about to have another photo session after this post. Wishing everyone well from Cairns, Queensland, Australia!


Decisions.. Decisions..

November 14, 2014

Gonna start this “new thing” and post everyday Australian things that you just don’t see back at home in the States. They have become so normal that I forget they are different than things back at home. First things first.. Something I am well acquainted with.. Beer on tap. Here you have a choice of: Dry Granny, Bulmers, Peroni, Carlton Mid, Carlton Dry, VB, Carlton Draught and Great Northern. These are just a handful of those commonly seen.. But, if you just arrived, which one would you choose?


Indescribable Moments of Your Life..

September 30, 2014

Great Barrier Reef! WOW.. I really can not explain the last four days and three nights on the reef. It was everything I ever imagined plus more. A mate told me that when we were kids, I was looking at a map with here and told her that one day I would come and visit the Great Barrier Reef. Now, I have done it. Not only did I do it.. I did it big! I achieved my Advanced Open Water certificate and am now certified to scuba dive up to 30 meters. We dove 4 times a day including two night dives! The night dives were wicked. All of your instincts are telling you to not go into the water when its pitch black, but there you go.. into the water with a flashlight to guide you. Its incredible. I saw a figure coming towards me in the far distance and as it approached I saw the silhouette of a sea turtle gracefully floating towards me. The turtle came came right towards me and looked at me right in the eye as it passed by. It looked like me as if saying, “what in the hell are you doing down here?!” It was a moment for sure.. Next, I saw a second turtle who was swimming and then went to the ocean floor.. it wedged itself on the ground in between some coral and nuzzled itself until it was comfortable and quickly went to sleep! It was so cool! I also saw sharks, stingrays and tons of fish. It was something I will never forget!


Got the Job!

September 23, 2014

I GOT THE JOB! Thank you all for your overwhelming support it makes me feel so connected even though I am on the other side of the world! I spoke with the family yesterday for over and hour. As it turns out, they live on a cattle farm (not a crocodile farm) and there are two girls, both in Grade 10, who listen to their assignments via broadcast and then complete their assignments. My duty will be to assist them with their homework and be an overall mentor for them. They seems extremely mature for their age when I spoke to both of them (twins). At first they were shy but by the end of the conversation I had them laughing and their mother in the end said they both were sitting there mouthing “pick him! pick him!” So.. I will have room and accommodation paid for.. my own room, bathroom, TV, air con.. the works. The pay is just stupid crazy I don’t understand how it works here in Australia but I am not complaining. I start next week, they’re going to come and actually pick me up or put me on a bus (no plane lol).. and when I asked the girls what they like to do on their free time they said “ride horses and go pig huntin'”.. they’re proper bush kids and I think my Cowboy side is about to come out full force! They said they’ll take me pig hunting and I joked that they cant make fun of me when I pass out at the sight of a dead wild pig lol. Only worrisome thing is.. and anyone who knows me will laugh.. is that I am also in charge of the cooking for the family.. um.. I can’t cook worth a damn and I kind of warned them but they didn’t seem to care.. It’s going to be hard to “fake it until you make it” when they’re eating your food! The girls said their favorite meal is lasagna so hopefully they don’t mind premade “pop in the oven” lasagna.. I wonder how they feel about ramen noodles? PBJ’s? lol.. OK so I need to learn to cook quick but luckily my main duties is teaching! Thanks again everyone I’m on cloud nine.. and before I go I am about to book a multi-night Great Barrier Reef dive trip! Happy Days!

Need Your Good Vibes!

September 22, 2014

I Need Your Good Thoughts! Today I was given direction by my American friend Stephen, to meet up with this amazing Australian woman who owns a shop here in Cairns. Upon arriving, she gave me a huge hug and an extremely warm welcome. I told her I knew Stephen and she became ecstatic as she misses him being physically part of her “family” here in Cairns. She gave me options of doing my Advanced Scuba Certificate here on the Great Barrier Reef where I will have roughly 38 dives and at one point where I will volunteer and work as staff on the boat in exchange for heavily discounted dives.. if that part is not exciting the next part is the icing on the cake.. we started talking jobs and she mentioned an opportunity that has just arrived.. she goes on to tell me that a teaching position has just became available in the outback working with a handful of student in grade 10. Basically, the students are in remote areas and attend online lessons which I would attend and then help them with their homework. I can’t explain how excited I am about this opportunity. They will take me by private plane to the destination since it’s so remote. I would be on a 3 month contract where food and accommodation is paid for and with the money saved, I would be able to avoid work for the remaining 3 months in Aus after teaching and be able to afford my flights to the US and back to New Zealand.. not to mention the experiences and resume boost which comes along with this potential position. OH.. and where I teach is on a crocodile and cattle farm!! This is where your collective positive intent comes into place. I don’t have this job yet.. she said it would take a few days to go through and promised to not send anyone else over for the position and that I was the only one she has sent and that she feels I would be great for the position.. Guys, I haven’t wanted something so bad in a while. So whatever you do to get to that spiritual level.. say a prayer, light a candle, do some yoga, smoke a spliff, do a rain dance.. whatever get you going please think of me next time you do so. I need your help! I hope so bad I get this and realize its putting myself out there posting this before I know the outcome but I figured I could use your help. I firmly believe everything works out in the end, so if I don’t get the position, I know something else is meant to be even if I don’t understand why at the moment. Alright, lets get those positive vibes flowing!