White on White

October 13, 2016

White on a white today at Coronet Peak.. ⬜️



Uniform Turned In.. Season Officially Over..

October 7, 2016

I turned in my uniform today. 😌 This last week we’ve done pack down at the Remarks. Basically we cleaned up and shut down the lifts for good until next winter (while getting in some final runs 😀). We packed up the ramps, cleaned the engine rooms, took off the pads on the snow guns (and slid down the mountain on them), took off seat covers, removed safety rails, did inventory checks and a whole lot of other random things you’ve gotta do when closing a ski field after a season of operation. We got lucky w some snow as well as warm blue bird days. It definitely was one of the highlights of the season..! Welcome fun-emoloyment and now it’s the final stretch before our trip around the world. 😀🍻🌎

o1o2o3We had to help the snow mobile get through this patch of dirt since the snow here had melted

o5Dodgy terrain �

o6o7Took the offloading ramp down at Shadow Basin

o8o9Taking down the loading ramp at Sugar. I was surprised to see it comes apart in pieces.. not to mention the rocks and pieces of wood used as legs to hold up the ramp haha


o12Bye Bye Sugar onload ramp

o13Alta after we removed the onload ramp


Lost & Found from the season..

o17o18Cleaning Curvey Base

o19o20Man’s inside the bullwheel!


International Maintance Woman of the Year


Fresh Tracks!

o23o24Taking down the pads on the snow guns was my favorite part.. cuz you get to snowboard (or ski)


Three lifties.. three snow gun pads

o26o27o28Riding down sketchy terrain while dragging snow gun pads behind me!

o29o30Upline Carpets

Last Day at Coronet Peak..

September 26, 2016

Yesterday I had my last day at Coronet Peak.. After two seasons and two incredible teams, it makes it difficult to walk away. It’s been a hell of a time and I’ve met some real characters over these years and made some life long friends. Coronet Peak will always be my happy place and hold a very special place in my heart.

Thanks for the memories/laughs/hangovers.