Australia Voted YES!!!

November 14, 2017

61.6% VOTED YES.  I knew Australia had it in them, they just needed the opportunity to vote.  It’s such a simple right, yet it means so much. It brings me to tears whenever I think of it. I can imagine Sydney is going crazy right about now. I’d love to be there to celebrate! Congrats, Australia. 

All of my mates down there tip a pint back for me (a one fifty lashes pint, that is ).

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Fingers Crossed for Australia!

November 14, 2017

Laid in bed for over an hour last night thinking about all of the people whose lives are (hopefully) about to be changed forever. The polls have closed on #marriageequality and Australian’s are now waiting for their answer any day.

I’m with all my Aussie friends over there in spirit. It’s been a long road w this campaign. Remember no matter the results, good always prevails. 

Congratulations, Nicole!

September 27, 2017

BIG CONGRATS to one of my oldest, dearest friends Nicole Grace, RN  who just passed her final nursing board exam yesterday! Anyone who knows Nicole knows she’s an incredible woman with a heart of gold. She’s come so far and achieved so much so I just wanted to take a moment and brag about one of my best friends.  So proud and happy for you. Love youuuu.