Dave Matthews Band in Austin

May 15, 2015

Dave Matthews Bad crew night one in Austin, TX! This is the first band I really ever “liked” and felt any connection with. The lyrics pierced my soul over and over last night.. Forgot how much they meant to me. I’m excited to head back to Dallas and catch another show tomorrow!


Goodbye, Austin

May 9, 2015

Here’s a few from this week in Austin, Texas. I have a lot I’ve taken this past month or so but still have Australian photos to sort through and post first. I’ll get around to them, promise. 😁As for here in Austin, it’s been nice to be back in that warmer weather. Also, there’s nothing better than seeing some of your oldest friends and their kids! Both Kat and Meg I met early on in high school now I am running around playing games and chasing their kids around. It’s crazy cool. Anyways, back to Dallas tomorrow.

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Reality Check

May 5, 2015

My friend from the country of Laos recently got Facebook. Some of you may remember the kid who took me around when I was in Laos to his family’s farm and village. I shared quite a long piece about him, he taught me a lot while I was there. Anyways, he posted a photo of his house today and for me it was a good reminder of one of the many things I learned while traveling.. To always be grateful for what you have been grated. Now this can range from a roof that doesn’t leak to water that’s not contaminated. From a road that isn’t bumpy to a bed with an actual mattress. It’s easy after leaving Asia to get caught up in the shiny things life has to offer so seeing this helps me get level headed and back to what’s important. I have my health, shelter and I’m surrounded by people that love me. Now I am sure my friend whose home this is is surrounded by people who love him and is healthy as well.. But I think we can all agree that the two story, insulated house I am in now – juggling whether to use my laptop, iPad or iPhone – isn’t anything near the same conditions as the house below. Crazy to think of the luxuries I was immediately given into by simply being born in an imaginary border known as the USA. It’s not something to feel bad about, it’s not our choice, it’s just something to be aware of as we live our lives. To live life with an open heart, to be eternally grateful and to leave this Earth a better place.

Happy Monday, Ya’ll.


50K Instagram Followers

May 4, 2015

I hit another milestone on my Instagram account (@justin_gf) today. 😳 It’s crazy how much this account grown over the past 3-4 years!

I have recently been feeling a gigantic creative bug coming on and I’ve decided when I get back to Dallas to spend a considerable amount of time on my photography. I have 22 months and over 150 GBs of photos I need to go through and organize.

After the organization I want to take some Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials and edit some key photos and then finally make my own web space. That way I will have a portfolio to show people! Along with my own website for my photography, I also am also close to having my Blog updated through my time in Australia. I may need to eventually hire a friend to redo my blog site for me because I’m not happy with the layout as of now.

With my photos organized, a photography portfolio website along with my completed blog.. I will have the tools to finally start marketing myself..! Ideally in time I will get some sponsorships and then potentially monetize this whole hobby. Fingers crossed. I’ll never know unless I make the first steps.. Therefore, it’s time to collect all the photos and pieces over the past two years, bring them all together and see what I have to offer. Wish me luck and in the meantime thanks for everyone’s support on my Instagram account.