Auckland in Photos

June 2, 2017

Making my way through my North Island photos from summer 2016. Auckland is always one of my favorite spots bc I have such good friends who live there.  Pride there was a blast. Summer is great bc there are so many city beaches. The traffic is some of the worst I have ever experienced and it didn’t help that Google Maps used to not work properly when driving! haha It was all part of the experience. I have some of my fondest memories in NZ here in Auckland.. manly thanks to my #mates who live there. 

Piha was a quick drive away and had one of the most memorable sunsets I saw during my time in NZ. Hope you all enjoy!

Goodbye Auckland (Again..)

September 8, 2016

Let’s try this again.. Goodbye Auckland.. Hello Queenstown. It was a short yet sweet trip to Auckland. I successfully applied for my passport and spent a good two days in the City of Sails. It was nice catching up with my two friends over dinner as well as finally meeting a mutual friend of my cousins over lunch. It was so good to see you Edward and Mitch! And you Corina are an absolute inspiration and had such a nice time meeting you. You’re incredible.  All the best to you three and catch you when I’m back!



Hello Auckland!

September 6, 2016

Goodbye Queenstown.. Hello Auckland..! Short and sweet (yet expensive) overnight trip to get a new passport as my old one is damaged.. Why do I need a new passport..? Because I’m going to Hong Kong, Europe and America in less than two months!! NYC.. Colorado.. Dallas.. Austin.. I’m counting down the days until I get to see my friends and family.. I honestly can’t wait!! 😀 Excited to see some friendly faces in Auckland later today too!

Auckland Pride Dedication

February 24, 2016

I dedicate last weeks Pride event to raise awareness about this statistic in hope that it continues to decrease:

Suicide Rate amongst 10yr – 24yr LGBT community are THREE times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexuals and
-Six times likely to report high levels of depression while
-35% of transsexuals have attempted suicide.

This tears me apart, it really does. People taking their own lives for something they can’t control because they see no hope. I came from a place where I could easily have been one of these myself and events like these helped me see a light when I was in a very dark place. Pride events and festivals like this help those still “in the closet” see first hand how much support they’ll have when they decide to “come out” and make that important, yet terrifying, step. I remember growing up and lying where I would be; sneaking off into the city to attend the parade. This was exhausting. For over 15 years I built this “coming out” into a monster that plagued my thoughts and haunted me day in and day out. In the end it turns out is really wasn’t a big deal at all. Hell didn’t freeze over. I didn’t loose any friends. Parents still loved me. Nothing happened besides the fact of a huge weight lifted off my back. I could finally walk a little taller and this grey cloud was finally lifted. Those who matter didn’t care.. While
the couple who cared no longer matter. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.

I share this story repeatedly bc I know for a fact a handful of mates on here are still mustering up the courage to do so themselves. I stand with each of you in confidentiality every step of the way and if anyone else needs an ear feel free to shoot me a message. 🙂 You’ve all got this. I promise. 💪🏼 So ya, people ask “why do u have these pride festivals” and there are many answers, but to give *hope* is the reason I go.

One final thought to all my friends who are starting that incredible journey of parenthood. My question to you is this: What if your child was born gay? How will your example in their upbringing make it an open atmosphere where they are comfortable confiding in you if they indeed are homosexual? This is critical if we want to get this horrible statistic down. However, we’re on the right path.. That’s for sure. 🙂

Happy Pride and thanks for reading. Love y’all. 🌈🙏


Pride Parade!

February 20, 2016

Happy Pride Weekend from Auckland! 🌈 It still gets me every year to see so many beautiful faces coming together to celebrate diversity and to appreciate everyone for exactly how they are. I hope this massive gathering gives hope and strength to all of those still on their journey of self love, acceptance and appreciation.. Let this celebration of the masses give strength to those still suffering letting them know how many people will accept them for exactly how they are. I just want them to know it will all be alright and that it gets better. That’s my hope anyways. HAPPY PRIDE!!! 💙💜💚💛