String Cheese Incident @ Red Rocks!

July 23, 2017

String Cheese Incident @ Red Rocks Round 2 – HERE WE GOAT #jumpinggoat

The boyz still have it. A heater of a show filled with bluegrass and funk. They did not play a bad tune all night.. from the first note to the last was pure 🔥🔥. Helped that the setlist was all voted and chosen by the fans!

String Cheese Incident @ Red Rocks – Sunday 7-23-17.

Set 1. 100 Year Flood > Can’t Wait Another Day, Indian Creek, Resume Man, Galactic > Don’t Say > Shine > Texas

Set Break Josh Blue doing standup comedy

Set 2. Rivertrance, Dirk, Get Tight, Little Hands, Born on the Wrong Planet, Rollover > Soul Shakedown Party > Rollover

E. Black Clouds, Brown Eyed Women

E2. Rosie



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