Cape Reinga & 90 Mile Beach

June 24, 2017

At the very Northern tip of New Zealand lies Cape Reinga where a light house marks the northernmost spot. This place is also unique because it is the meeting of two seas.. the Tasman sea to the west while the Pacific Ocean lies to the east. In the distance you can see the two opposing currants colliding. It’s really cool! It was a nice sight but again the sandflies ate me alive and hindered the experience. Those things are vicious mother F#$ers. 90 Mile Beach was not too far south of Cape Reinga so I visited it on my way back. I didn’t get to explore too much because a storm was rolling in and I also didn’t want to get stranded bc it’s basically a deserted 90 mile beach.. Looks beautiful from what I was able to see though.  In between Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach, I stopped by the Sand Dunes which I will post in a couple days.. I love this region of NZ.

This region of New Zealand is called the Northland and was my favorite region in NZ. It was stacked with beaches which is probably why I migrated towards it. I planned to go back for my final week in NZ but a huge storm came and pounded the region that week making it impossible to go back and camp. So this was my only time up here… I intended to come back.. Maybe one day. 

(This is back from Feb 2016.. I am determined to get through posting all my NZ photos before I move to Colorado.. still have some Europe ones to post. )

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