Coromandel Peninsula Recap

April 30, 2017

The Coromandel Penninsula is a unique place in New Zealand’s North Island. There is a map below but it is a peninsula situated just East of Auckland. Over a year ago, Brit, Emma and I did the drive to the Coromandel in hopes of finding some farm work. We were getting low on funds and needed to refill the bank account. We did the drive and upon arrival realized that there isn’t really much farming work up here.. in reality, there isn’t much of anything up here! This is one of the attractions and beauties of New Zealand – untouched and barely scathed landscapes. When we arrived in the Coromandel we were greeted by a huge rainstorm that lasted a couple days. It was a hard part in the trip to be honest. We were in dire need of work, there ended up not being any work around annnnd it wouldn’t stop raining and we were staying in non-waterproof tents (long story). SO – we held strong and sat and did nothing for a couple days – then on the third/fourth day we were greeted with beautiful blue skies. This is the day that these photos were taken as we did a long drive around the peninsula before realizing that the rain would be back the following day to greet us. At this point, we counted our losses and left the Coromandel. This is the only time I made it up there during my trip – I could complain about only one day of sun but I will never forget this day. Every turn was was a stark contrast of the blue water and skies with the greenest of green hills. After our one day of sun out, we turned back around and headed back to Napier. Napier is where we worked before on the apple and kiwi farm so we knew there was work awaiting! This time when we arrived in Napier, I worked on a wine vineyard! Some of the most demanding and hands on jobs I have ever experienced (also ones which I’ll never forget!)

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