Waterfalls of Fiordland

February 1, 2017

Went to Fiordland National Park a couple days ago.. a place which houses the Milford Sound and is known for producing over 8 meters of rain a year (Basically, it rains a lot). The first day I got to experience this rain and it was incredible.. The reason being is that when it rains it produces hundreds and hundreds of temporary waterfalls! It was raining harder than I have seen in a while and the noise of all the falling water was intense. Luckily, the next day was sunny but check out this 360 view here as you start to decent into Fiordland. This national park is one of my top 3 places here in NZ. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’ll post some photos of the Milford Sound itself shortly. At the very end of the video it shows the road and there is a car driving along so you can put everything to scale. These rock faces are so tall! It’s Lord of the Rings meets Jurassic Park!

Waterfalls of Fiordland National Park!

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