Big Changes Ahead..

January 29, 2017

Bittersweet day today in Queenstown.. I just put in my 2 weeks notice making my last day of work on Feb 13th (conveniently the day before my birthday) . About a week after that, I will be leaving the Queenstown bubble and everyone that has made my life so special these past 2 years. This is the most difficult part about this whole process.  I have been so lucky to build so many solid relationships since I have arrived. It’s a hard thing to walk away from. So ya, in about 3 weeks I will make my way north up New Zealand for one final road trip. One last “hoorah” if you will. Then.. it’s back to the States! Yep, it’s back home after 4 years of living abroad. I have some plans for later this year but I can say for sure I will be spending summer back at home with you all.  Sooo, my Queenstown family, let’s make the next three weeks as epic as ever. I am off Tues/Wed and free everyday after 1pm. My friends elsewhere in New Zealand.. I’m coming to visit you next month! And finally, my family and friends back at home, it’s long overdue. This trip home in November wasn’t enough and I’m coming to spend some quality time with you all. I don’t have my flight just yet to but it’s gonna be sometime in April/May. I am gonna go back and forth between Texas and Colorado (there’s a certain special couples wedding in CO that I wouldn’t miss for the world ). Anyways, I can’t pinpoint what I am feeling but I know it’s a mixture of happy, sad, scared and excited; I feel more alive than I have in a while. Wish me luck as I make this transition but I know it’s for the best. Good times are around the bend.  (You hear that momma.. YOUR BOY IS COMING HOME! )

Love you all and always grateful for everyone in my life. 


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