Woman’s March

January 21, 2017

Today has been a very difficult day being so far away from home – All I want to do is be back in the States marching with everyone. I am so PROUD of all of my friends who went out today.. You guys are incredible and I can’t wait to come home to you all.

The one thing that has been bothering me the most is the low turnout of this years election. I am still boggled as to why. For example, in Australia, it is a Federal requirement to vote. Everyone HAS to vote.. Imagine if that were the same in the States? Not to mention, why is Voting Day not a Federal Holiday? Why on Earth do people have to go to work on the most important day of every 4 years? It makes absolutely not sense. Not to mention, Trump lost the popular vote. (Screw the electoral college). On the flip side, what a kick in the balls it was to have the Democratic National Committee Wikileaks showing the rigging of the primaries. What in the actual fuck America?

As we go into these next 4 years.. I think the best way to deal with this whole mess is to *be the example you want to see.* We need this now more than ever. When you see the Muslin woman in the hijab, take that extra minute to ask her how her day is. Smile. Make eye contact. Make that extra effort with the immigrant whose English is their second language. Actually stand up to injustices towards women in and out of the workplace. Make those extra efforts to decrease waste and diminish your carbon footprint. Be kind to Mother Earth, she doesn’t have a voice to defend herself. Take the extra time to flash a smile at a stranger. I come from a family of immigrants, just like you and I. My grandparents are 100% Mexican (x2), Italian and German. How cool is that? Let’s not forget, just because we have been here a few generations, that our ancestors went through the efforts of relocating to give us the chance to live here. Please do not take it for granted. Imagine how they would feel now if they saw how part of America is treating immigrants.

Now, we have to remember that people vote for different reasons which are important to them. There is nothing more unproductive than considering all Trump supporters racists, misogynists and homophobic (even though, they DID vote for one). We have to be kind to one another and speak to one another if we are going to get anywhere. People from different areas of the States have different realities and things that are important to them. Maybe their job was shipped overseas and now they are finding it hard to survive? Try to put yourself in their shoes no matter how difficult it may seem. Not to mention, religion is huge in the States which also has a lot to do with voting outcome in terms of Pro Life/Pro Choice. This topic doesn’t have much room for a “swing” unfortunately. One my favorite parts about life in Australia/NZ is the lack of religious affiliations. It’s so comforting, but that’s just me. I come from Texas, one of the most red places in the States. I always joke on the road that the reason I moved to Colorado is bc all of my personal values are the exact opposite of the majority of Texans. When it comes to important topics like womens rights, environmental policy, foreign policy, gun laws, religion, LGBT rights, etc., I am the exact opposite on what the majority of Texas stands for. It’s a frustrating place to come home but am so lucky to have so many incredible open minded, forward thinking friends I have back at home. Furthermore, I am so thankful to have gotten out of Texas and see how the rest of the world actually thinks and operates.. I could have easily become a product of my environment.

Anyways, I am so damn proud of all my friends back at home. Today, I have found myself on the verge of tears multiple times. I just feel like I need to be there with everyone during such an important time. This whole mess has been so difficult to process while far away from home. I really miss you all tons and am so proud to call all of you who marched today my friends. Again, it is now more important than ever guys to be the example you want to see int he world. Kindness kills hate. Be LOUD. Be True. Be You.. Make your voice heard. Don’t give up.. but for goodness sake, be peaceful. Hate does not trump hate; Only love can do that. My Muslim brothers and sisters, don’t back down.. We are not all terrified of you. Muslim women – wear your hijab with pride. My LGBT family.. keep holding hands. If you want to give your partner a kiss on the lips, DO IT. Do not let them silence you – We have come too far to back down now. When you silence yourself, we all loose. Women.. You make the world go round. Without you, none of us would be here. I have SO MUCH LOVE and respect for every single woman on this planet. You are the mothers of our children.. I will fight for your general & reproductive rights until the day I die. Thank you so much ladies and I will continue to stand right by you every step of the way. 😀

I love you all – remember, I can’t say it enough, be the change you want to see. And remember, even though a march is a great way to make your voice heard.. you STILL have to write/call your elected officials. In Colorado, call Cory Gardner and Michael Bennett today and make your voices heard! Sending constant support from New Zealand.. I am in the works of making my way home for a little bit. I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.


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