Brokeback in Queenstown

January 4, 2017

Things got a little #BrokebackMountain today in Queenstown..!  For Christmas, Andy got us a day of horseback riding just outside of town. It was his first time on a horse and we got up to a canter! This definitely was nostalgic as horses always seemed to come in and out of my childhood. They’re such powerful and majestic creatures.. I love them.  Hope everyones New Year is shaping up nicely.


Hong Kong!

January 2, 2017

Alright! Now that the holidays are over I can start to focus again and pump out some photos from our trip in Nov. Here is the first stop.. HONG KONG! I have never experienced a city quite like this one.. It has such a cool vibe and out of all the places I went, this is near the top of the list as one I want to return to!

I hope you enjoy guys 😀

November 1, 2016

No words can describe the feeling I felt to be back in Asia. Asia sparks a flame not able to be sparked in other parts of the world. Its so unique. I fell further in love with Hong Kong yesterday after we left the peak and headed across the river towards Mong Kok. As we zig zagged through the city we stumbled upon two more elaborate, green inner city parks. I’ve said this numerous times, but cities that really attract me are the ones scattered with little (and big) parks throughout. This was my experience of Hong Kong in a nutshell. Not to mention the entire city is surrounded by tree covered mountains. As we loaded down into the subway I really started to realize just how densely populated this city really is. It’s obvious from the extensive skyscrapers that there are a lot of people.. but in my experience, the subway was the first time that really settled in just how many people there are (plus it was rush hour). Now I love subways, so this alone made me really excited. As we reached the other side of the island, I joked on Snapchat how I was told this part of Hong Kong is supposed to remind us of “the movies.” Well, right as I left the subway terminal I felt like I was in numerous films I watched while growing up.. the signs hanging over head, the lights, the markets, the noise, the congestion, the crosswalks, the billboards, the organized chaos.. it was incredible. I get goosebumps thinking of it now. We walked around, my eyes wide eyed, until we found the Ladies Market.. Now, contrary to its name, it’s basically a market suitable for all of the sexes, not just for ladies. 😂 It’s basically a market, a market with a Hong Kong twist. The market is nestled in small lane ways between towering skyscrapers. Now, it’s been a while since I have been to an Asian market and at first I forgot how its’s often customary to negotiate and barter prices down from the initial offer. To be honest, is quite exhausting and nothing I have ever been too fond of. However, it’s part of the culture and expected – so when in Rome.. We were on the hunt for a new backpack and some belts. Seems like, a simple task ya? Well, haha actually in hindsight it was quite simple but we did have to go through a couple “barter and walk aways” in order to get people down to their final price before deciding whether or not it was worth it. For example, the first place initially wanted three times the amount for the same backpack. With that in mind, we continued the hunt. Eventually, we found a really good backpack, one that can fit my camera plus other stuff, for a decent (ok, cheap) price. We found some belts and some tacky (but awesome) Hong Kong tshirts too. Afterwards we were making way and ran into an “H&M.” Now, I know this may not sound like much to my friends at home, but this was a goldmine. Back in Queenstown, it’s so damn expensive that you’re looking at a minimum $30 for a below average T-shirt. It’s a small town and there are no decent clothing shops. Here, we picked up probably $500NZD of clothes for $100NZD. Jackpot. Finally, a some new decent clothing. We then quickly ran (literally) to the subway and towards the waterfront because Hong Kong has a nightly laser and light show on its buildings. When I didn’t think I could be more impressed, I walked up to the waterfront overlooking Hong Kong Island at night. I have honestly never been so impressed with a city skyline in my life. The extensive skyline lights up, most of them with a unique color pattern for as long as the eye can see. Huge LED screens sit on top of a handful of buildings and throw marketing in your face. Lasers at the top of the highest buildings shine green lights that flutter across the sky. Neon colored boats sail through the river packed with tourists itching for a closer look at the light show. The city once again, is alive; It has a pulse, I’m certain. After one final moment of awe, it was time head to the airport. We had arrived that morning around 600AM and our flight was to depart at 1150PM. Yet again, another restless night sleeping on an airplane.. but this time.. to Europe.. a place I’ve never been. Not only Europe.. but we’re starting out in Amsterdam! I’m excited to see what’s next because Hong Kong has already left such a wonderful impression and memory that will never fade away.


Dancing Buildings of Amsterdam

December 14, 2016

The architecture in Amsterdam was one of my favorite parts of this city. You can see how most buildings tend to lean out towards the street.. This is so they can get furniture into the rooms by lifting them outside the building on a rope connected to the little hooks shown at the top of the buildings. The building leans outwards so when the furniture is hoisted up, it doesn’t bang against the building! Cool stuff, isn’t it? I am about to dive into the photos more in depth too and am excited to show them to yall! Hope everyone is having a good week! 😀

I updated my blog too from the trip.. added all the Snapchats too!

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Antione Visits!

December 13, 2016

Had the pleasure of catching up with one of my best #mates I made when I first moved to Australia back in 2014! From hostel mates in Perth to climbing trees in Queenstown.. I have so much time for this one. Much love and safe travels to Christchurch