Dancing Buildings of Amsterdam

December 14, 2016

The architecture in Amsterdam was one of my favorite parts of this city. You can see how most buildings tend to lean out towards the street.. This is so they can get furniture into the rooms by lifting them outside the building on a rope connected to the little hooks shown at the top of the buildings. The building leans outwards so when the furniture is hoisted up, it doesn’t bang against the building! Cool stuff, isn’t it? I am about to dive into the photos more in depth too and am excited to show them to yall! Hope everyone is having a good week! đŸ˜€

I updated my blog too from the trip.. added all the Snapchats too!

Main site: www.ontheloosejuice.com
Snap’s: https://ontheloosejuice.com/cat…/around-the-world-snapchats/


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