Hong Kong!

October 31, 2016

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to come to Hong Kong. I’m not sure where it originated from but I think it’s a mix of King Kong the movie and Donkey Kong from MarioKart. 😂 Both don’t make much sense but as a child they sparked interest in this far away place with a similar name. Whatever the reason may be, today I finally fulfilled that wish. As a city boy at heart, this place blew me away in the short time we’ve had here. The energy is insane. The hustle and bustle atmosphere mixed with city sounds and landscapes made it quite the place to have our first stop! When we arrived early this morning, it was quite hazy and we weren’t sure if the sun was going to make an appearance today. Then around 10am it started to shine through in all her glory! We stumbled upon some markets and inner city parks before riding the tram up to this viewpoint. Now, having finished our lunch up here it’s back down to explore the other side of the river. We still have all day to explore before our overnight flight to Amsterdam! So happy to be doing all of this with Mr. Andy Millar.. after a half day I can’t wait to see what else this month will bring!

I am posting tons on Snapchat and gonna make a long video collection of Snaps at the end of the trip. Also loading tons on Instagram. Feel free to follow along:

Snapchat: @spasmic
Instagram personal acct: @jmoral86
Instagram main account: @justin_gf

Adios Amigos ✌🏼🍻


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