Facebook Turned Into A Political Battle Ground

August 1, 2016

GOOOOOOOD MORNING all my Democrats, Republicans and those in the middle. 😘🍻

Anyone else feel like Facebook isn’t the best platform to make political change? It’s like preaching to the choir as the majority of one’s audiences have the same opinion as the one doing the posting. Not to mention, the likelihood of changing the opposing opinion is slim. If ya wanna make a difference, go vote. If you want to make an every better difference.. before you vote, source your news and facts outside of mainstream American media.. Don’t be a sheep and buy in to what the 10 o’clock news tells you to believe. In immediate contradiction to myself, I suppose Facebook IS a good way to circumvent mainstream media but one has to make sure the source is credible. There lies the difficulty as the amount of BS that floats on this platform is astonishing. Haha.

I can’t promise I too won’t post something political every so often.. sometimes you just need to get it out and have your mates back you up. What I CAN promise you is I’ll do my damn best to fill your feed with adorable little animal videos which make me incredibly happy. I hope this breaks up the monotony of the Hilary/Trump content on your news feed. Frustrating times America, it seems like we’re picking the less between two evils. Follow your intuition.. November can’t come soon enough ✌


We Can ALL Smile At This Video πŸ˜€

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