Best Night of Snowboarding Yet!

July 28, 2016

I had one of the best nights of snowboarding here in NZ last night. It was staff appreciation night ski so they opened up the mountain at night for staff only. It was ours. Now, Mother Nature hasn’t been the kindest to us this season. We opened and then had to close before reopening again due to lack of snow.. However, last night She made up for lost time. As the night approached a thick blanket of snow began to fall.. and fall.. and fall. Now, with snow in NZ often comes winds too high to run the lifts as well as poor visibility. However, last night She snowed with minimal wind and decent visibility. The lifts continued to spin, the beers continued to flow and I had potentially the best moment of snowboarding to date here in NZ.. not to mention finally all my friends weren’t working and we could all ride together. Thankful is an understatement.

Now, slightly hungover on the bus up the mountain I hear 30cm/11in of fresh powder awaits! Here we gooooooo!


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