Wellington Recap

May 12, 2016

This seems like ages ago – This album is when I first arrived on the North Island back in December 2015. I had been on the road from Queenstown for about three weeks with Brittany Bandido and she left the second day and I was suddenly by myself for the first time on the road in NZ. Wellington initially was overwhelming. Having lived in the South Island for six months, it’s ovewhelming coming to a “city” like Wellingotn bc all the “cities” are so small in the South. Approx 1 million people live in the entire South Island. When I first got to Wellington, it was overwhelming as it was “masive,” Brit left and then it rained for three days straight. The wind was unlike anything I have felt in a while. It’s known as an extremely windy city and it proved to be true. The first three days or so after Brit left and it was raining were probably the worst days out of my entire trip. This city was foreign and appeared to be huge, the rain was terrible and I had to move the car every 2 hours so it wouldn’t get a ticket. I didn’t like Wellington at first but after day three the clouds parted. It turns out the town isn’t big at all – it’s rather quite small really and most of it is accessible by foot. The city has an artsy vibe, kinda hipster, but not really. haha. There are great cafes and coffee spots, street art, night clubs and a great waterfront. I then made a mate, Marcus, who became one of my best mates I made on the road outside Queenstown. Right after I made a new good friend, Emma arrived in Wellington. Emma and I were mates from Queenstown (and is one of Andys mates from home) and she went on to travel for a couple months with me in the North Island. So Brittany left, Emma came, and in a month or so Brit would come back and us three would travel around – more on that later – here are some pics of Wellington – It went from a city I found large and chaotic to a small town with great vibrant and colorful culture. It is a really cool town and I really wish I was able to have spent some considerate time there – However, Emma and I were needing to make money fast, so we went up to Napier for the first time and began working on farms – more on that later!


Windy Welly


Windy Welly


My Mate Marcus




Little local knowledge helped me find this gem. Thanks, Marcus!


Love how the houses sit on the hillside. The roads are so windy and full of hills!


The sign of all signs.. sums up Wellington quite well!


My mate Marcus


Fishing at sunset 🙂


This is the boat we took from Picton in the South Island up to Wellington in the North!


Wellington CBD


Wellington CBD – The gay club “Ivy” is here on the right. Was lots of fun on the weekend but dead during the week!


Wellington CBD


Old buildings in Wellington CBD


Liked this place in the CBD


Wires and such


I love this photo but not too sure why!


This is a historic bar on Courtenay Place. There is a deaf guy who stands outside on the weekends and dances like crazy all night long.


Wellington CBD


Because its getting near Christmas time!

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