Waiheke Island Recap

February 2, 2016

Land on island ->
Fat Freddys Drop is playing but sold out ->
Car drove by with concert attendees screaming out the window ->
Decide to go to the show and listen outside the vineyard ->
Still have all of our bags so ditch them in a bush! ->
Get in for free and find other cheap tickets ->
EPIC SHOW (2nd time in one week!) ->
Post show confusion AKA trying to find the bush with our tent/bags ->
Find the goods ->
Hitchike ->
Guys say where we wanna go camp is too far ->
They drop us off at a random beach and say go left and camp ->
We find “the perfect” place to camp ->
Wake up around 3am ->
Notice something is wet ->
REALLY wet, actually, its not just wet ->
It’s the actual ocean!!! ->
High tide snuck up on us ->
Remember iPhone 6 in my tent pocket ->
Find iPhone submerged, ruined ->
Emma wakes up and swims (literally) out of tent using mattress as a raft ->
Take down the tent (dunno why) ->
Mosquitos start to bite me ->
Wrap myself up in the tent fabric like a burrito, sand everywhere ->
Manage to sleep untuil surnise ->
Notice kids walking on the beach on the way to school come morning ->
Head is pounding ->
Realize one sandall was taken to sea by the tide ->
Can’t find my hat ->
Run out of water ->
Walk to get water ->
Fall asleep on another beach ->
Eat Food ->
Lay in the sun ->
Now gonna go catch the ferry back to Auckland ->
Moral of the story? NO IDEA but I would do it all over again, sans the ruined iPhone. 🙂

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