Routeburn Track Vibes

March 22, 2016

The Routeburn Track was great! The track is one of the Great Walks here in NZ. It’s right in the thick of the Southern Alps and the views are beyond impressive. Jagged towering mountains with rivers rushing through the valleys. Waterfalls are scattered throughout the mountain faces and when it rains they multiply and appear out of nowhere. The first part of the walk is a canopy of rainforest with moss and the greenest plants throughout. It’s no wonder they filmed Lord of the Rings in this area bc it really does feel like Middle Earth. Our trip was cut a day short as the torrential downpour was too much for our tents to take. They were soaking and we spent the night in a two-wall covered shelter as our tents were not usable. I’m surprised bc the tents have held up through nearly all the storms up to date. The rain was quite refreshing though as most of the walk is covered by trees. Most importantly, the rain creates these temporary waterfalls on the mountains and the clouds creeping through the valleys make an eerie feeling. It’s incredible. I’d love to do it again.. Next time with proper tents. For now, this will do! ✌️


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