I Need Your Help!

March 16, 2016

I NEED YOUR HELP. 😊 Alright guys, I’ve asked for your good thoughts before and it worked. Basically I applied to Coronet Peak again for a second season here in Queenstown. If I get the job, they will sponsor me and extend my visa from May until October. Last week, I received a letter from them offering me the job..! It was SUCH a relief as it’s been so hard mentally preparing myself as to if I am staying or going.

Then everything did a switch around today when I called to verify that they had a visa for me (there’s limited). I nearly bursted into tears when the woman told me that they actually do not have a visa for me, even though I indicated so on my application. Therefore, as of now, I have to leave in May and will not be able to stay.

BUT THERE IS HOPE.. There always is. She told me that if other employees don’t accept their original offer letter that a visa may come available for me.. This is where you guys come in.. I need your good thoughts. Please. Whatever you do to reach that peaceful level.. Mediation, praying, yoga, dancing, wine, booze, bud, running, skydiving.. Whatever it is.. The next time you do it will you please think of me? I could use all the good thoughts I can get because I really, really want to stay here. I want do another ski season with my friends. Most impotently, I want to be near Andy. 😌

I do know everything works out the way it should so if I do have to come home in May I know it’ll lead to something extraordinary.. I’m excited to finally spend some decent time with all my friends and family. It’s well overdue. But selfishly I do want a little more time in this life I’ve created here in New Zealand. So stretching it out for one more winter season is ideal. Thanks everyone, love y’all. I’m trying my best to remain optimistic, I really am.. But now.. I’m off to the pub. 🙈🍻

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