Temp Work Back in Queenstown

March 14, 2016

Back in Queenstown doing temp work.. I was lucky and they found me work just days after I got back. I always end up in the most random yet unique situations temping here. Below is the first job I had. She told me I may be working in a pond but wasn’t sure of the nature of the job. I showed up to this Irish guys mansion (who makes power points for CEO’s for a living..?!) and he directed me to his pond which was being over taken by these weeds. He gave me a wading suit and a machete type thing and told me to go to town. It was really fun actually. See me on the pond below? In the end he handed me an extra $40 and wrote that I had worked for two extra hours. It was awesome.

The second job was a function at the Bungee Centre which is the site of the worlds first commercial bungee. The New Zealand Open was having its final closing party and I was surrounded by elegant dresses and ridiculously large diamonds. There were people being approached for pictures and autographs and I just walked around party with a tray of food hoping I wouldn’t drop it as I told them I had been a waiter before (I haven’t). The crowd was really friendly and as the free booze flowed so did the courage and one by one men in suits and women in dressed started partaking in the party’s (complimentary) bungee jumps. At the end, they gave us tons of free food, beer and wine! Yes.

Today, I went to The Hills golf course and helped take down all the stands/tables/tents from last weekends NZ Open. It’s a beautiful golf course. 500 per game. The views are incredible. I have worked lined up for the next three days at a different bungee place followed by a different function on Friday! I have no clue what I’ll be doing but that’s half the fun. Then I’m taking off and going to do a three day hike outside of Queenstown. 😎

It’s good to be back and good to be thrown back into these ever so random jobs.

Hope all is well back home & to everyone around the globe! 🌎🌍🌏


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