Farewell Spit & Picton

January 26, 2016

Alright! It’s my last night in Napier and therefore I am going to write my fifth and last post about my time in the South Island of New Zealand. This part of the trip we went to the longest natural sandbar in the world called the “Farewell Spit!” It is located on the top left hand side of the South Island. Most of the sandbar is inaccessible but it was still cool to visit.

Upon arriving, we found a random access point to the beach. We started walking and walking and walking… We weren’t too sure where we were going and to be honest, we really didn’t care. We arrived at sunset, which is my favorite time to take photos. As we walked along the deserted beach, we arrived to this sign pointing inland to another access beach. We had already left our shoes in the sand ways back so we went along this trail barefoot. Once again, we kept walking and walking, this time on some uncomfortable rocks. It wasn’t the easiest path to walk on but in the end it paid off! We arrived to a different beach with massive sand dunes all throughout. The sun was setting and it was a stunning atmosphere to pass time in. As the sun began to set we decided to hike back across the rocky way to find our sandals before settling down in Collingwood that evening. The woman at the hostel was, once again, extremely friendly and spent nearly a half hour checking us in as she was getting to know us.

Brittany and I had to leave Emma and Marsha the next day in time for Brittany’s flight home for Christmas. It was at the end of November and we caught the ferry up to Wellington in the North Island after six months in the South. We said our goodbyes and went back the same route as before. Along this route is a famous bar called the “Mussel Inn.” It was recommended to us as ‘the best pub in New Zealand” so we stopped by the day before along the way. The craft beer was dank and the mussel chowder was on point. Anyways, we continued onward until we reached Picton where we caught the ferry to the North Island. The ferry was full that day so we got a campsite that night and caught the ferry the next morning to Wellington!

Wellington ended up living up to its expectations. I have tons of photos to post about it next time but not too sure when that will be as we’re back on the road tomorrow living in our tent! Next time we “settle down” and have WiFi I can begin the North Island… I guess this is the end of the South Island! Thanks for reading along. 🙂



Farewell Spit Sunset


Farewell Spit Sunset


Farewell Spit Sunset


Farewell Spit Sunset


Farewell Spit Sunset


The sign where we went inland to the rocky path to the next beach.


The unexpected long path.


Onward we go!


Then… THIS!


Nice little walk on the sand dunes.


Selfie with Emma!


Oh hello up der!


This beach was beautiful up in the Farewell Spit!


The walk back to the car – Took some time!


These trees made a nice little walk back to the car.


Finally, we reached Picton! This is the Interislander Ferry which we took the next day form the South Island to Wellington in the North!


I found Picton surprisingly beautiful! Definitely, not just a port town!


We ate fish and chips here while simultaneously fending off sandflies!




Our last sunset in the South Island.


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