Overnight Hike to Hot Water Beach

January 9, 2016
Helllllloooo! We just finished an overnight hike to Hot Water Beach via Tarawera Trail here outside in Rotorua. It was a 62km (~38mi) round trip hike with everything we needed on our backs: tent, sleeping bag, water, clothes and food. I embarrassingly never have done an overnight hike before and needles to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hot Water Beach itself was an interesting experience. Basically, it was a lakefront campsite where the beach had these few streams of boiling water making its way from the land towards the lake itself.. Therefore, it created warm pockets in the lake near these few tiny streams of boiling water. As I went to meet my friends in the lake, I accidentally stood in one of the streams. 😁🔥 l wasn’t the only one to burn their feet, we saw others accidentally stand in them too. The pockets of warm, OK boiling, water with cold was a strange experience. I’ve never been to cold (lake water) and hot (thermal water) at the same time in my life. At one point my foot felt like it was on fire while my back was shivering cold. The rocks you sat on would suddenly grow hot and burn your ass.. but then again it’s cold at the same time. 😳 It’s confusing. Then today during the walk back it rained and rained. It was quite pleasant actually hiking in the rain but when we got to the car and it started really pouring. Everything in the car got wet so we will have to dry that out whenever it’s sunny next. We treated ourselves to some dinner (& beers) and went to Kerosene Creek, a hot thermal stream, to soothe our muscles.. It’s been raining ever since but when I just went to brush my teeth, the clouds were parting and the Milky Way was making an appearance.. Let’s hope for some dryer days tomorrow. 🙏

Hope everyone’s well, thinking of my TX/CO #mates lately. Miss you fools.✌️ 


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