Angus & Julia Stone Surprise

December 31, 2015

HAPPY NYE! This morning the festival turned into a mud fest as the rain started to fall. As I inched my way out of my damp tent to get some necessary food I heard a band start playing in the distance. They sounded familiar and it was strange bc it was 12:00pm and music wasn’t due to begin until 2:00pm.. I liked their style and then I heard her voice.. It was Julia from Angus & Julia Stone playing a surprise warm up set for for their headlining spot later on tonight! 🎼 Now, these guys are one of the three CDs that I found myself listening to on repeat these past couple years while traveling and their music means a lot to me. They were my main attraction to coming here in first place. There were about a total of 30 people coming and going through their 45 minute set and afterwards Julia said “Thank you!” where I replied “No, Thank You!” In which she quickly responded with a smile, “No! Thank YOU!!” They showed their appreciation and then walked off the stage. My festival has been made. #thankful. 



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