December 25, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Well, boy do I have a lot to be thankful for! From finally going home and seeing everyone’s faces to moving to New Zealand, this year has been incredible. I couldn’t be more thankful for each moment and opportunity that I’ve been granted. I’m such a lucky man to have so many people who care about me, it’s overwhelming. Whether you’re back in the States or elsewhere, thank you for being in my life. Today, I got the chance to FaceTime my Dad’s side of the family. I haven’t seen them for a bit and it was so great to see their faces and hear their voices. I love you all, sorry for being gone so long but I promise to make it up when I get back home. As for my Mom’s side, I’ll be FaceTiming you tomorrow! Thanks to everyone I’ve met in New Zealand thus far.. It’s the biggest social circle I’ve had while abroad. You all are awesome. A special thanks to Andy who came into my life at the right moment and has treated me in ways I didn’t know I even deserved. You’re an incredible man and I’m thankful for every moment I have you in my life. As for my #mates back in Texas and in Colorado.. You know I love you all, you crazy fools! No time nor distance will ever change that, you’re stuck with me for life! There will be a time soon enough when we reunite.. Until then, stay happy everyone, live life to the fullest, smile to a stranger and be kind to one another.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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