Goodbye Apples, Hello Kiwi Fruit!

December 19, 2015

Little Update.. So we ended up having to quit the Apple Farm job and have since moved to a Kiwi Orchard! Basically, the contractor was trying to screw us over with pay and was being extremely vague about our contracts and pay. It turns out we were going to make less than minimum wage, which he didn’t tell us until the third day. He was clearly taking advantage of the backpackers, as most have English as their second language and aren’t able to properly stand up for themselves.. 
Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and stood up for us. 😉 My Stars and Stripes came out when I realized he was gonna screw us over and I spoke on behalf of us all.. Went head to head and called the bastard out. I don’t think he’s used to that. 😁😜 Sometimes I think I like standing up for myself too much.. But then again not really. 💪🏽
We are staying at a working hostel, a hostel where the majority of the people are here to work and the owner takes it into his own hands to find us work. When I told him the ins and outs of the old boss’ actions, the owner Keith, agreed that we shouldn’t go back the next day. It was so nice to have him back us up. Keith called the old boss, told him we weren’t coming back and had a go at him. Keith is a legend. Then, what did he do? He found us another job starting the following day. This time, it’s on a Kiwi Farm an hour North. They provide transport which is nice. It’s not ideal with the unpaid commute but it’s solid work from 6:30-7:00pm each day (work from 8:00-6:00). Yes, it’s a long day in the sun, but it’s averaging ~23C/~75F so it’s perfect! We have guaranteed work as long as we would like and the best part is we get to pick and choose when we go. We can take off for NYE with no problem. We have just worked five long days straight so tonight.. Yep, we’re getting wasted. Work hard. Play hard. It’s always a balancing act, isn’t it? Can’t do one without the other. 

We are two days into work at the new farm and plan to go back until Christmas Eve. Then onwards to the Rhythm and Vines 3-Day Music festivals about two hours north. A ton of the people here at the hostel are going as well and we are slowly forming a big group to camp with! Everything is falling into place.. I am very optimistic about the future!

Wish everyone well!


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