Some Favorites..

November 20, 2015

Here’s my favorites from the first part of the road trip! We went along the south coast of the South Island via Dunedin, Catlins National Park as well as Milford Sound. They’re in chronological order, some of my favorites are near the back once I get to the Milford Sound part! I’m writing captions now in each photo as well so feel free to click on through – I’m back in Queenstown for the night passing through as we’ll head North along the West Coast tomorrow!

Moeraki Boulders!

Nugget Peak again at Catlins National Park. The fiord like faces going right into the water is a sight! It is hard to explain just how tall these can get!

I love this one for some reason. This is the walk at Nugget Point on the way to the nighthouse. I like the way the mossy terrain blankets the faces of the mountains.

At Catlins National Park here at Nugget Peak, if you walk all the way down to the lighthouse and look over the railing, this is what you’ll see!

A beautiful waterfall here at Catlins National Park!

The wind was crazy here at the most Southern point of the South Island. Check out these trees, they’re permanently standing “blown” in this direction which perfectly shelters this house!

New Zealand Roads.. This isn’t a fair picture. Australian roads were flat, New Zealand roads are full of hills and turns.. and most two lanes when not in the major cities/towns. It feels like a a game of Super Mario Kart.

The first stop after Andy met us at Fiordland National Park which houses the Milford Sound.

Milford Sound at Fiordland National Park! These fiords are HUGE. Find the three story boat in the center of the frame to get a perspective of just how big these bad boys are!

Ah this was the captain Dennis who I was messing with before the boat ride began. He poked fun at me over the microphone during the day but in the end had us come up to his room where he let me steer the boat! He usually uses a little stick to steer the boat as the wheel is much, much harder to turn. To let me see how hard it is to turn, he let me steer the boat using the wheel! He was a really cool old man!

This is the boat we had our tour on at the Milford Sound. It was such a beautiful day, we got lucky!

This is the road into the Milford Sound where you catch the tour boats. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park or the Lord of the Rings.

I’m gonna miss this one a lot..

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