Same, Same, but Different

March 8, 2015

I realized I slacked on my “series” of everyday things you see in Australia that are different from things back home. The first one was the beer selection (yes, this falls under “everyday” things), and the other was the sink with two separate faucets for hot/cold making warm “impossible”.. Now I bring you two more..

The top one is the electrical outlets.. or as Aussies call them, “Powerpoints.” Don’t go opening your Microsoft Office quite yet, they just want a damn plug. What‘s different, besides the shape, is that each outlet has an on/off switch. There were so many times when I first arrived I would plug something in and come back hours later to only find it hadn’t charged at all because I forgot to turn the plug on! You learn quickly..

The bottom photo is a toilet flusher! Yep, there are two options. One delivers more water for your solids and the other less water for your liquids! An attempt to conserve water but for the longest time I kept forgetting which was which.. And at times still do now. Therefore, if it doesn’t all go down then push the other one!

I have an ongoing note on my phone of all things Aussie when it comes to vocabulary.. I have my final two weeks off work so I think I’ll get to writing that bad boy this week… It’s been a year in the making!


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