Goodbye, Oregon & California!

May 1, 2015

Adios Oregon & Cali! The last week I got the chance to road trip with the my old friend Michael who also was the first person I ever did a road trip with back in our teenage days. Friends since 13 (maybe earlier), it was nice to see ya after so long. The Redwood National Park ūüĆ≤ lived up to everything I had imagined.. The Oregon Coast was spectacular.. and San Fran.. Well.. It kinda did us in with no mercy but at least it makes a great story. I still would do anything to live there.

It also was so nice to Meg Townsend¬†and Lauren Sutton.. You both are at beautiful people. =]¬†Also thanks to all of Michael’s friends who were overly kind towards me and a shoutout to my ‚Ä™new‚Ĩ favorite‚Ĩ¬†person Carrie Morton.

Now, one last stop of my ‚Ä™#‚ÄéUSATour‚Ĩ in Austin, TX to see yet another batch of friends from my early teenage years. I still can’t believe I am going to see Karhtyn Mello¬†and her three kids later on today.. I’ve been waiting years.

Anyways, Austinites get at me I’ll just be here this weekend.. Then it’s time to return to Dallas for some time and rest, these past 4 weeks have been exhausting (in the best way possible). Not to mention I was quite sick the past two weeks.¬†But not let’s get ahead of ourselves.. We still have ATX ahead!!


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