Goodbye, Colorado

April 23, 2015

It all just hit me. I’m leaving yet again. Fuck this never gets easier. These past weeks in Colorado have been yet another example of what a lucky man I am.. When you leave a place for over two years and return, there is always a little hesitation. How will everyone act? Will they have missed me? Will they like the person I’ve become? All of these silly little questions we already know the answer to inevitably cross into a travellers mind. When I arrived in Denver, it brought me right back. To see your faces, hear your voices and exist in the same place, well that’s something I’ve been waiting for so long. When I think about my time in Colorado all I can think about is the love I felt. It’s overwhelming. We have such a large group of friends, we’re a rare breed! Thanks for everything – I’ve had endless places to sleep and don’t think I bought one dinner the whole time I was there. You all have become quite the cooks! Oh and what’s up with the clean and organized houses.. Guess we’re not in college anymore. To everyone I spoke with, thank you all for your love and endless support. Just a few more people I need to speak to before this liberating process is over. This trip brought me closer to so many people and as I board this flight I’m taking with me the countless memories and laughs to keep me going through my next adventure. All I ask is you know and believe in your hearts that I’m taking you all with me each step of the way. Thank you all again – This may have been the most important trip to Colorado in my life. Love y’all xx


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