Goodbye, Byron Bay!

December 30, 2015

Goodbye Byron Bay.. As my first stop in the green state of New South Whales, it wasn’t a disappointment. The landscape is quite different, rolling green hills with scattered trees and dense rainforest pockets throughout. I’ve been here for ten days and it seems like it’s gone in segments. First I reunited with my friend Linda I met in Exmouth. She spins Trance so there was a lot of that pumping through our ears. Started with a long hike to the lighthouse where we saw Dolphins jumping the tides at sunset. The live music at night in Byron is a must see and the general laid back hippie culture here makes it captivating. Land of smiles and killer beaches. Who can’t smile when Nimbin is right around the corner? For two days we retreated in her camper van into the rainforests of Nightcap National Park where I gained my interest in birdwatching. Birds back at home are just, well birds, but here in Australia they come in all different colors and have tons of different noises. Some sound like a monkey while others sound like someone screaming for help. These days with Linda were some of the most laughter filled days to date. Upon her departure the weather turned for the worst. Literally 3.5 days of persistent rain. You can see my little run down tent in the corner, this was all I had for shelter! These days I fell ill and it was a blessing in disguise because the rain kept me isolated and helped me get better rather. Yesterday, the sun came out to greet me for my last day in Byron. Now it’s time to pack up, take some Sudafed and hope my ear doesn’t hurt on this flight. Today, finally after 9 months, I can say something I haven’t been able to say yet in Australia.. For today.. I go to SYDNEY!10881564_10102816390378003_3268641055707982169_n

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