Goodbye, Austin

May 9, 2015

Here’s a few from this week in Austin, Texas. I have a lot I’ve taken this past month or so but still have Australian photos to sort through and post first. I’ll get around to them, promise. 😁As for here in Austin, it’s been nice to be back in that warmer weather. Also, there’s nothing better than seeing some of your oldest friends and their kids! Both Kat and Meg I met early on in high school now I am running around playing games and chasing their kids around. It’s crazy cool. Anyways, back to Dallas tomorrow.

11016816_10103144468352113_7950643474411145381_n 11205492_10103144468057703_505560241538809117_n 10380771_10103144468127563_5470841404535357971_n

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