Goodbye, America

May 22, 2015

Well I was expecting a welcoming response but I wasn’t expecting THAT big of a response! Wow – Watching people’s support and feedback roll in has been one of the best feelings in the world. With every like and every comment that weight was slowly lifted off my back. Thanks for everyone who reached out, no words can articulate this feeling – it means a lot – it truly does.

Some of you have messaged me organizations and websites who may be interested in publishing what I wrote in an effort to can get the message to more people in that same boat. I recently read that amount of suicide is double amongst LGBT teenagers opposed to heterosexual teens. Double. Let’s help create an environment where our children’s generation can more easily be themselves without hesitation. If anyone has anymore suggestions on organizations, feel free to send me a message.

This trip to America has been a whirlwind of emotions. I have never felt as alive as I have these past 9 weeks. I felt extreme emotions in everything.. Happy, Sad, Energetic, Tired, Heartache, Love, Extroverted, Introverted, Sober.. and of course, Wasted. I think I got each one to its full capacity. Talking about l-i-v-i-n. It may have not been an easy trip but it’s done and was well worth it.

Now, it’s time to leave this land I call home. No more cheap booze, greasy food and sitting in traffic. Onwards to the next adventure except this time I walk a little bit taller and a lotta bit lighter.

I love you all – Be kind to one another. 🙂

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