Byron Bay & Nimbin

December 29, 2015

Well, Byron Bay was an incredible place, unlike any other place I have seen in Australia. It is the hippie capital of Australia! The surf town is known for its thriving music and art culture. It was the BEST live music I saw in Australia. It went from bluegrass to amazing deep house. A little bit of everything! There are also street musicians, people selling arts and crafts and tons of dogs on leashes with their transient owners. 🙂 It was really nice to see, it reminded me of Colorado.

The first couple days I was by myself and then my friend Linda, who I met in Exmouth, came and met me in her camper van! It was so nice to see her after so much time. Linda is a great woman. She is a Psytrance DJ and when she came and met me, she decided to pack up and live in her camper van. She is so much fun and has a great energy about her. She makes me feel happy all the time. We were in Byron Bay for a couple days, blazing spliffies, and looking around. We went to the lighthouse one night at sunset. We saw dolphins jumping in the waves, literally just dancing along the waves. We saw them from up top of this cliff and made our way down the hundreds of stairs to the beach. We sat there, got buzzed and made up a song trying to get the dolphins to come back out. “Come on dolphin!” was the name of our song. lol. We have fun together!

A couple days before Christmas, we went to Nimbin, the marijuana capital of Australia. A tiny town with only one main road, we did what we needed to do and then went to Nightcap National Park. That national park was amazing! OMG it was a straight up rainforest. We stayed in the camper van and at night the woods were so loud with all the various birds and wild life. It was a symphony! The bird watching was really good too. I never gave much attention to birds, but the birds in Australia are quite unique. I love their accents and coloring! We stayed there for two days and explored during the day.

On Christmas, we drove back to Byron Bay. I was feeling myself getting sick but was determined not to let me down. SO, I decided to let loose and party knowing what the consequences would be. It just is hard to be away from home on a holiday so I decided to let loose… and Byron Bay is an easy place to do that. We were on the beach all day and my friend Luc and also Stephanie met up with us. Luc is from France and I met him on Gumtree and he gave me the ride from Airlie Beach to Rainbow Beach. He’s awesome and it was good to reunite with him. Stephanie, I met her years ago in Ecuador and reunited in Cairns so it was nice to see her again.

The day after Christmas, everyone left and I got REALLY sick. Luc took me to the doctor and it turns out I had a middle ear infection and laryngitis. I only had my tent and then we got rain for literally three days straight. I literally stayed in my tiny 2 person tent and did nothing for that time. I was so sick. It was very challenging, especially since I literally couldn’t go anywhere but my tent and this little table which was under shelter. It was maybe a blessing in desguise as I needed to get better for Sydney NYE. I couldn’t do anything but sleep and let the antibiotics do their job.

The last day the sun gave way and I went to King’s Beach nearby. Then on the 30th, I took a flight to Sydney. Byron Bay was easily one of my favorite places in Australia!

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