Reality TV Star Debut..

December 15, 2014

I was sitting here on the beach in the Gold Coast and a two ladies came up asking if we were busy. I was sure they were going to ask us to carry something for them or something, which I would have completely done, however, they said they were filming a TV reality show called “The GC” which was to be aired in New Zealand. Tom and I obliged and went to the pub mentioned in 20 minutes to air the scene. They call themselves a “dramality” show where there is a loose plot with no script. We went to the bar and they told us to oder drinks on their tab. That’s all I needed to hear! Therefore, I ordered gin and tonics left and right and had 5-6 before it was my turn! A backpacker is going to take this to the max as drinks are so expensive in Australia! The scene was as follows.. I was going to the pub to meet someone I had been speaking to online for a first date to find her not sitting there but two of her mates who were going to meet me and interview me first before I would be able to meet the girl in the profile. They were scouting out boyfriends for her! So I did just that.. I got mic’d up and walked into the bar and acted surprised to see them and not the girl sitting there. They then hounded me with questions and evaluated my fit for their friend. It was really fun and easy. The cast and the director were super friendly and it was a great experience overall! Apparently, the episode will air next April 2015! Stay tuned!

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