Koala Hugs

December 11, 2014

Sorry for #blowingup your news feeds today but here’s the anticipated picture (of a picture)! Finally got to hold a koala after 8 months in Australia. Verdict.. They smell like shit. I’m sitting on a bus at the moment and have a mixture of eucalyptus and urine hovering overhead. I really feel sorry for the guy sitting next to me! Hah! They are super cute though and latch on as if they’re never going to let go. The zoo was amazing, the best I’ve ever experienced. They had crocodile presentations where they loured salt water crocs out of the water to show how they hunt. This one was nearly 15 feet long. The Kangaroos were by far my favorite. I just posed a video along w the photos. Have a look!

SIDE NOTE: Just pulled into Brisbane and holy hell the buildings are tall. Well, not really but compared to anything I’ve seen in Australia this tromps any skyline yet. NEW CITY TO EXPLORE COMMENCES NOW!


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