Important Lessons..

December 9, 2014

Today was reminded of an important lesson; not to become too attached to material items. As I went through my bag which was in storage, I realized my iPad was missing and stolen while I was on Fraser Island. It’s a pity bc that’s what I use to transfer my photos from my camera to Facebook/Instagram and it had some extremely personal journal entries in the “Notes” section.. However, it’s just a flipping iPad. Nothing physically bad happened to me nor anyone I love so it’s not too bad. As a firm believer in what goes around comes around, I’ll just continue onward to Noosa and let Karma take care of whoever went through my bag. Rainbow Beach and Fraser were absolutely amazing and at times on the Island I had moments where I got goosebumps stemmed from appreciation of this wonderful life I have been granted. My heart wants to explode with gratitude. Onward to Noosa!

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