December 14, 2014

Brisbane was a pleasant surprise. It was the first big city I have been to after 9 months in Australia. The skyline looked huge as my bus pulled up and I remember looking out onto the city from my (shitty) hostel thinking, “I have no idea where to start, or what you have to offer, but I am determined to like you.” This was after we arrived and everyone at the hostel kept saying how boring Brisbane was and how they all wanted to leave. Well it turns out they just stayed at the hostel all day and really didn’t give it a chance. It rained and rained for three days and it seemed like that chance was never going to happen but finally the clouds parted and Brisbane was my playground. I met up with Tom who I met in Noosa and he showed me around. We went to South Bank, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Mount Coo Ta, the CBD and other places. It’s a really nice city! The people are REALLY friendly. I went to a place where there were tons of food carts and everyone was like “no, you first” in line and no one seemed to be in a rush which was nice. The city was quite clean from what I saw. One night we partied in Fortitude Valley until sunrise. It was quite a sight to see everyone spilling to the streets at sunrise! I also had some great Mexican food which is always a plus! Over all, a good little stint in Brisbane. After a week, it was time to go South to the Gold Coast!

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