Recap of the East Coast

December 27, 2014

Last Month Recap.. It’s been nuts. So much happened in such a little time. Mind. Overload. The East Coast has been a success.

11/13 – Cairns
11/25 – Airlie Beach
11/26 – Whitsunday Islands
11/27 – Airlie Beach
11/30 – Road Trip Day
12/1 – Agnes Water / 1770
12/3 – Rainbow Beach
12/6 – Fraser Island
12/8 – Rainbow Beach
12/9 – Noosa
12/11 – Australian Zoo
12/11 – Brisbane
12/15 – Gold Coast
12/20 – Byron Bay
12/23 – Nimbin & Night Cap National Park
12/25 – Byron Bay
12/30 – SYDNEY

Goodbye, Gold Coast!

December 20, 2014

Gold Coast. It’s been nice but it’s time to go.. Onward to Byron Bay! It was a nice time in the Gold Coast. I stayed with my friend Tom’s brother in his mansion and was extremely grateful for all the hospitality. The Gold Coast was really flashy.. there are holiday apartments skyscrapers that line up the beach and everyone is really pretty! I enjoyed my time there but in the end Tom got really drunk and tried to fight me. So I told him to fuck off basically and left. Shit happens but I am glad he is out of my life. No time for such negativity! However, besides that the Gold Coast was nice and sunny and really relaxing. It was nice to get out of the hostel life for a moment but now I am on my way to Byron Bay a day early to meet up with Linda and stay in her van for a little as we explore around! I couldn’t be more happy to see her shiny face as I haven’t seen her since Exmouth!


Reality TV Star Debut..

December 15, 2014

I was sitting here on the beach in the Gold Coast and a two ladies came up asking if we were busy. I was sure they were going to ask us to carry something for them or something, which I would have completely done, however, they said they were filming a TV reality show called “The GC” which was to be aired in New Zealand. Tom and I obliged and went to the pub mentioned in 20 minutes to air the scene. They call themselves a “dramality” show where there is a loose plot with no script. We went to the bar and they told us to oder drinks on their tab. That’s all I needed to hear! Therefore, I ordered gin and tonics left and right and had 5-6 before it was my turn! A backpacker is going to take this to the max as drinks are so expensive in Australia! The scene was as follows.. I was going to the pub to meet someone I had been speaking to online for a first date to find her not sitting there but two of her mates who were going to meet me and interview me first before I would be able to meet the girl in the profile. They were scouting out boyfriends for her! So I did just that.. I got mic’d up and walked into the bar and acted surprised to see them and not the girl sitting there. They then hounded me with questions and evaluated my fit for their friend. It was really fun and easy. The cast and the director were super friendly and it was a great experience overall! Apparently, the episode will air next April 2015! Stay tuned!


December 14, 2014

Brisbane was a pleasant surprise. It was the first big city I have been to after 9 months in Australia. The skyline looked huge as my bus pulled up and I remember looking out onto the city from my (shitty) hostel thinking, “I have no idea where to start, or what you have to offer, but I am determined to like you.” This was after we arrived and everyone at the hostel kept saying how boring Brisbane was and how they all wanted to leave. Well it turns out they just stayed at the hostel all day and really didn’t give it a chance. It rained and rained for three days and it seemed like that chance was never going to happen but finally the clouds parted and Brisbane was my playground. I met up with Tom who I met in Noosa and he showed me around. We went to South Bank, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Mount Coo Ta, the CBD and other places. It’s a really nice city! The people are REALLY friendly. I went to a place where there were tons of food carts and everyone was like “no, you first” in line and no one seemed to be in a rush which was nice. The city was quite clean from what I saw. One night we partied in Fortitude Valley until sunrise. It was quite a sight to see everyone spilling to the streets at sunrise! I also had some great Mexican food which is always a plus! Over all, a good little stint in Brisbane. After a week, it was time to go South to the Gold Coast!

Koala Hugs

December 11, 2014

Sorry for #blowingup your news feeds today but here’s the anticipated picture (of a picture)! Finally got to hold a koala after 8 months in Australia. Verdict.. They smell like shit. I’m sitting on a bus at the moment and have a mixture of eucalyptus and urine hovering overhead. I really feel sorry for the guy sitting next to me! Hah! They are super cute though and latch on as if they’re never going to let go. The zoo was amazing, the best I’ve ever experienced. They had crocodile presentations where they loured salt water crocs out of the water to show how they hunt. This one was nearly 15 feet long. The Kangaroos were by far my favorite. I just posed a video along w the photos. Have a look!

SIDE NOTE: Just pulled into Brisbane and holy hell the buildings are tall. Well, not really but compared to anything I’ve seen in Australia this tromps any skyline yet. NEW CITY TO EXPLORE COMMENCES NOW!


Important Lessons..

December 9, 2014

Today was reminded of an important lesson; not to become too attached to material items. As I went through my bag which was in storage, I realized my iPad was missing and stolen while I was on Fraser Island. It’s a pity bc that’s what I use to transfer my photos from my camera to Facebook/Instagram and it had some extremely personal journal entries in the “Notes” section.. However, it’s just a flipping iPad. Nothing physically bad happened to me nor anyone I love so it’s not too bad. As a firm believer in what goes around comes around, I’ll just continue onward to Noosa and let Karma take care of whoever went through my bag. Rainbow Beach and Fraser were absolutely amazing and at times on the Island I had moments where I got goosebumps stemmed from appreciation of this wonderful life I have been granted. My heart wants to explode with gratitude. Onward to Noosa!