Bored As Hell

October 26, 2014

Another boring ass weekend at the farm. I’d rather be working than having days off. I haven’t spoken to anyone in 48 hours. One thing I’ve learned from this experience.. I’m a city boy through and through. I need stimulation. Until then, I’ll keep reading, writing, running, editing photos and listening to music (through headphones of course).. Things could be worse for sure.. I have my health, food, shelter.. and mother-f#%cking air conditioning! What more could you ask for! OK, maybe a cold Coors Light!

30 No Alcohol Challenge

October 11, 2014

A 30 Day No Alcohol challenge has begun (last Monday).. I can’t think of more than 10 days I’ve gone without a drink.. Since.. I was, I dunno.. 16? lol I started running (Ok, jogging) and lifting again as well. With all this free time, I’m trying to use it wisely! I also began reading a book.. “Big things” happening on the farm!

Indescribable Moments of Your Life..

September 30, 2014

Great Barrier Reef! WOW.. I really can not explain the last four days and three nights on the reef. It was everything I ever imagined plus more. A mate told me that when we were kids, I was looking at a map with here and told her that one day I would come and visit the Great Barrier Reef. Now, I have done it. Not only did I do it.. I did it big! I achieved my Advanced Open Water certificate and am now certified to scuba dive up to 30 meters. We dove 4 times a day including two night dives! The night dives were wicked. All of your instincts are telling you to not go into the water when its pitch black, but there you go.. into the water with a flashlight to guide you. Its incredible. I saw a figure coming towards me in the far distance and as it approached I saw the silhouette of a sea turtle gracefully floating towards me. The turtle came came right towards me and looked at me right in the eye as it passed by. It looked like me as if saying, “what in the hell are you doing down here?!” It was a moment for sure.. Next, I saw a second turtle who was swimming and then went to the ocean floor.. it wedged itself on the ground in between some coral and nuzzled itself until it was comfortable and quickly went to sleep! It was so cool! I also saw sharks, stingrays and tons of fish. It was something I will never forget!