November 11, 2014

Selfie with Scooter! Yes, his tongue is perpetually sticking out!


Sooner Than Expected Departure

November 3, 2014

I have no clue how my last 4 1/2 months are gonna play out here in Aus.. My job is ending early for better or worse and the financial goal wasn’t hit. The mother miscalculated the remaining time left in the girl’s school year. There are only 6 total weeks of work, not 9. Therefore, that’s three weeks and three thousand dollars less than expected. However, I have a feeling something good awaits ahead.. Hopping back on the embracing the unknown train, I accidentally fell off it for a bit. Bring It.


Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! So I spent my Halloween night geeking out with my tripod trying numerous times to write with the light of my phone in the air! Gotta be innovative with your free time over here at the farm. This was a 3min & 31sec exposure and it’s so interesting how much the stars move in such a short time. At the end I sat in the middle for nearly a minute to get that ghostly figure. Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween!


Bored As Hell

October 26, 2014

Another boring ass weekend at the farm. I’d rather be working than having days off. I haven’t spoken to anyone in 48 hours. One thing I’ve learned from this experience.. I’m a city boy through and through. I need stimulation. Until then, I’ll keep reading, writing, running, editing photos and listening to music (through headphones of course).. Things could be worse for sure.. I have my health, food, shelter.. and mother-f#%cking air conditioning! What more could you ask for! OK, maybe a cold Coors Light!