Goodbye, Cairns!

November 25, 2014

Goodbye, Cairns! I think I’ve spent a total of 4 weeks in Cairns and it definitely is my favorite “city” in Australia to date. I haven’t been to Sydney of Melbourne yet and since I am a big city type of guy, I have a feeling I’m gonna get blown away. Cairns has the small town vibe, a wonderful green esplanade park lining the beach, a free pool to escape the heat, great food, buzzing bars and a free outdoor gym.. and not to mention attractive people everywhere! It’s true. Oh yea, the Great Barrier Reef is right off the coast as well. It’s paradise. This second time back in Cairns was rather relaxing. I was staying with Ezzy in the back room of her shop.. I would spend my days laying next to the lagoon, taking AC baths in Cairns Central, watching movies at the cinema, running the esplanade and utilizing the outdoor gym. It wasn’t a bad 13 days! I was able to find two temporary jobs while I was there thanks to Ezzy. The first was helping this loaded guy John move houses. He was super nice when I was with him except the next day he offered me to come back to work for him and no call, no showed. He then told me we would go deep sea fishing on Monday which it was super excited about. Well, he no call, no showed again which really let me down. Not to mention he hasn’t paid me yet. The second job was more of a success, I was hired onto a staffing company and worked two functions. The first was a high school graduation where I carried Jack trays out and helped clear the room after the ceremony. The second day I was a bartender at some birthday party. That was awesome. I loved working behind a bar! It was super fun and time flew past. Thanks again to Ezzy for helping me land the gig. In general, my whole Australia experience wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for her. She has sheltered me, found me jobs, saved me from a weekend of quietness on the farm and helped me plan my Queensland adventure. Thanks Ezzy, I appreciate you so much.. You’re the best Aussie Mom a man could ask for. 🙂 As for the night life, I have laid kind of low in Cairns. I went out two times which isn’t too much for me. Both times were a success and a good time. Last night I met some people from the States who are here only for three weeks. They weren’t on a backpacker budget and kept ordering rounds and rounds of shots. Needless to say, my tolerance has gone down tremendously being on the farm and I had a couple stumbles! This morning wasn’t fun, at all. It was one of those “I’m never drinking again” type of days. Now I am sitting on a bus heading South to Airlie Beach. I’ve been told it’s like a Cancun where it’s party! party! party! So.. I guess I’m gonna have to go out. What a shame. But nah, I “need” this. I haven’t been meeting too many people living on the farm in isolation for so long. First off, tomorrow I will go to the Whitsunday Islands. I think it’s been voted numerous times the best beach in the world? I dunno, it better be for the price 🙂 In all seriousness, I’ve been looking forward to the Whitsunday’s for a while now and it’s finally time. The sand, only found on the Whitsunday’s, has something special in it for your skin and jewelry. I read the sand nutrients are exported in a few high end beauty products. I dunno. Guess I’ll throw some on my face, couldn’t hurt. Haha. I’ll spend two days and one night on the islands and then return to Airlie Beach for the rest of the week. I have made a friend in Cairns with a car whose coming down the coast and will pick me up in Airlie Beach. That way I can travel by car which I prefer than by bus. In a car you can make turn off, detours, etc where a bus you’re really stuck to a point A to B route. After Airlie Beach I will go to a town called “1770” and learn how to surf!! One can’t live in Oz for a year and not learn how to surf. I’m super excited about the surfing lessons. So yea, that’s “what’s up” with me.. I’m starting my tour of Queensland which is gonna be fun. I must get to Byron Bay for Christmas and then bolt down to Sydney for New Years. Post New Years there’s a music festival in Sydney which I’ll go to and then dash down to Melbourne to work for a couple months. Then complete great Ocean Road before bolting back to Sydney for Marti Gras & Pride before coming back to the States! I look forward to a couple months in the a States to see everyone. It’s gonna be epic. As for now, I’ll spend my next 3.5 to 4 months soaking up every moment I have left in Australia. I can’t explain how much I love this country. I honestly wish I could pack up all my friends from home and move them here. It’s just a freakin cool place to live and I would be happy to live here for the rest of my life. But, the visa calls for my exit March 26th so I’ll make the most of every minute here while it lasts. Like my boy Dave said “while you’re still here dancing on the ground, why think of the time when you’re gone!”


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